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August 15, 2017

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AUGUST 16 - 22, 2017 UCW 7 WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM Who's the role model? ose of you who know, or have gotten to know me, understand that I have a strong belief in being a leading example for not only my family, but also for the community, and my workplace. I moved to North Carolina 24 years ago after I joined the U.S. Army to serve my time in e All-American city. Although you can't tell by looking at me, I came from an era of tough times. I know what it's like to go without when it comes to basic needs. Growing up on the tough streets of Dayton, Ohio, I learned to fend for myself and others. ere's more to me than being the sheriff candidate. Just walking to school, I'd see drug dealers, prostitu - tion, gangs. I'd see the hustlers and bustlers. My sister said she knew that if a fight broke out, I was either in it or watching it in the alley. My mom died when I was 17, and I had no father except for my grandpa. My grandparents took me in and raised me in a Christian environment, which pre - vented me from getting lost in the system. ey taught me that material things don't make a person. ey provided a strong family structure that helped me to become empathetic toward others and their situa - tions. For example — single moms. I have a special place in my heart toward single moms. I watched my mom everyday do what she had to do without my father until she died. We depended on food stamps until I was in middle school, and I know how to respect the value of a dollar. My dif - ficult past helped me to become the man I am today. Children tug on my heart strings, also. As a kid being bussed from one side of town to the other for school, I learned about diversity. We never had school in the same building every year like you do. One year I'd go to a school and the next year I'd go to another. ose kids, each coming from different backgrounds, soon learned that I was the "defender against the bullies." Hence, the root of why I entered law enforcement. I always wanted to be that shield. I saw friends in high school get shot or become addicted. Ya see, gangs start when there's no family structure. Who's the role model? A child yearning for a father figure or guidance seeks that family structure in another area, and most of the time it's through gangs. Gangs are a family of their own. ey look after each other. And when you have the drug dealer coming in a nice car with money and jewelry, it's enticing to that kid who's struggling. at's the role model those kids notice. Poverty and crime are a bad mix, and they always go hand in hand. I want those kids to notice a different, positive role model. I believe there's a humble heart in everyone, but you just have to find it. As a leader, I've always gone by the three L's—listen, lead and learn. I put that into work and home. My wife of 17 years and three children (two boys and one girl) make my world a better place and help me to better understand how blessed I am. I sincerely give credit to my wife as being my biggest supporter and my best friend. God really brought her into my life. I worked hard to become who I am today. After my military stint, I decided to stay in North Carolina and currently reside in Cumberland County. With over 3,500 hours in military, law enforcement and overseas police training, I am a versatile leader who under - stands every situation is different. So, who's the role model? I plan to be that role model. CARLTON SALLIE, Sheriff Candidate. COMMENTS? Editor@ upandcomingweekly.com. (910) 484-6200. CANDIDATES SPEAK A Leader in the Making by CARLTON SALLIE Carlton Sallie RAMADA PLAZA AT BORDEAUX Our CAFÉ BORDEAUX serves you hot breakfast and lunch daily. The place to meet for a quick breakfast or lunch at a great price. Top off your day with a relaxing dinner and drinks in our SPORTS BAR. We are your event venue to host 10 – 1,000 GUESTS. 33,000 SQ FEET of flexible meeting space. 1707 OWEN DRIVE | FAYETTEVILLE NC 28304 | 910.323.0111 10% OFF Your Next food order in our Café Bordeaux or Bordeaux Sports Bar. BOOK YOUR NEXT EVENT WITH US!

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