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10 — Goldsboro News-Argus Thursday, August 3, 2017 News-Argus/CASEY MOZINGO It's the casual look this year for elementary school boys. Isaac Therrien, 8, left, wears a graphic gorilla tee with Arizona cargo khaki joggers. Canaan Therrien, 6, models a typical school uniform with a red Izod polo and navy Izod khakis. News-Argus/CASEY MOZINGO Jackson Rose, 11, goes for the more dressy look with a pair of pastel light blue shorts with a flat front and a pink and teal button up floral shirt. His twin brother, William, went the more casual route with a gray Nike zip up hoodie and sweatpants and a Nike graphic tee with a little white in it. Students want that trendy look going back to school By BECKY BARCLAY School is for learning,but children of all ages also want to look and feel good at school.Trends come and go every year.To help you decide what you'll be walking through the halls of school in this year,here are some tips from JCPenney. For elementary school age boys, graphic tees are very popular,said Zack Stroud,human relations manag- er at JCPenney. "A lot of times they have funny say- ings like one-liners on them,"he said. "Like,My dog ate my homework."That saying never goes out of style." Or how about,"Dear math,I'm not a therapist,solve your own problems." "One-liners are the most popular graphic tees,"Stroud said."They'll be walking down the hallway at school with one on and someone sees it and giggles. "Graphic tees come in a variety of colors and a variety of pictures.They come in both long and short sleeves.It depends on what that particular kid's fancy is." Stroud said boys usually pair a graphic tee with a pair of shorts. Another fashionable style is color blocking. "For example,take a plain bright blue V-neck and wear it with a plain pair of bright colored pink shorts," Stroud said."That's real popular." A change from past years is getting away from matching everything from head to toe. "Everything doesn't have to match with today's students,"Stroud said. "Actually,it's going in the opposite direction of what it used to be from when I was in school.Nowadays, stripes and plaids,throw them togeth- er.It's as far away from matching as it can be.Anything goes.Create your own styles." Also trendy are button up Arizona shirts made with lightweight flannel. There are plaids and stripes.Stroud said a lot of times,boys will roll up the long sleeves,making them three-quar- ter sleeves. Stroud said elementary school girls want something they can take and wear with anything,from casual to dressy. "Leggings and jeggings are popular with this age girls,"Stroud said."The leggings they wear under a long tunic. With leggings,matching is out of style. You want to go as far away from matching as possible.I've seen plaid and striped leggings with some sort of graphic tee. Leggings come in a variety of styles, some with stars,some with hearts, some leopard ones and some with phrases on them. The girls take leggings and top them with graphic tees,kind of like the ones for boys,just a little bit more on the frilly side,Stroud said. "The jeggings is a fit of jeans that are basically the most compressed skinny style of jeans that they make. You don't necessarily have to wear that with anything long." Stroud also said there's not as much layering this year for both boys and girls,but it's a more simple look. "Everything's about being casual, especially if they don't have uniforms," he said."It's,'How casual can I be and get away with it.' For example,sweat- pants used to be something you worked out in.Now it's the norm.And you see people walking around in yoga pants on a daily basis." For the more casual look,there's athleisure wear.And it's in style this year. For boys who go to a school that requires uniforms,JCPenney has a large selection from which to choose. "We've got a little bit of a different selection than we had last year," Stroud said."Most of the time,we have the light khaki,navy and black, but this year we've also got the jogger style uniform pants.It's called a stretch jogger.It's a little more casual and not as on the dressy side.So it can actually be worn outside of school with other outfits as well.That's new this year." Polo tops for school uniforms come in red,green,light blue,navy,white, black and yellow. For uniforms for girls,there is the three-button slim fit polo shirt that's popular with girls this year.It comes in light blue,navy,green,red and white. There is also a button up blouse that's a little frillier for girls.It has bunched short sleeves.It comes in light blue,white,green,red and black. "Then you've got a zip up cardigan sweater with a hood,"Stroud said. "This is something that can be dressed up depending on what else you wear with it.It can also be dressed down if you wear something casual. "In addition to the pants, girls have the Bermuda shorts in khaki and navy. And they've also got skorts in khaki and navy. They have pants too. They have a choice depending on what the weather is like outside. In North Carolina,you never know." • Middle school boys usually go with chinos with a flat front, paired with a button up shirt,"said Maria Gutierrez, cashier associate. Or they'll go with a classic solid shirt. And they like the See FASHIONS,Page 11

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