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Thursday, August 3, 2017 Goldsboro News-Argus — 5 • 4-H experiential learning, legos, gardening • Games, sports and outdoor play develop social skills • Drama, arts & crafts allow children to pursue special interests. • Academic enrichment includes homework support and assistance Looking for Qualit y Af terschool Care? TRY 4-H! Wayne Count y 4-H Af terschool Care Of fers Children a Nurturing But Stimulating Environment Af ter School which Include s: NCSU & NC A&T University commit themselves to positive acton to secure equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability. In addition, the two universities welcome all persons without regard to sexual orientation. LOCATIONS: Car ver Elem, Grantham, Northe ast, Northwe st, Tommy's Road Look for us at OPEN HOUSE August 24 For More Information: 919-731-1527 12DAG0717L© Alan Sutton Jewelry 1803-C Wayne Memorial Drive, Goldsboro 919.734.1114 • Show the World quick delivery • lifetime warranty • automatic ring protection plan • made in USA Your class ring is a representation of who you are. It represents the fun, the interests, the studies, the sports, the events, the recognition & the activities that shape your high school experience. 4DCT0817L© • Extensive Customization Options • Various Styles, Metal Types, Stone Types & Side Panel Mascots and Activities What You've Accomplished! Dear students and parents: If you were to ask anyone in education, they would tell you a teacher's job is never done. Teachers spend countless hours preparing, organizing, grading papers, collecting data, attending meetings and the list goes on. During the last few weeks of school, we find ourselves, along with the children, counting down the last days of the school year. After testing is completed and the endless paperwork is turned in, teachers are ready to walk or maybe run out the door with that feeling of,"I made it through another successful and memorable year!" Even on our summer "break" we spend hours thinking, planning and preparing for the new school year (which seems to approach faster every summer). So how do teachers make it through their summer and enjoy that much-needed break, but also prepare for those eager minds that will quickly fill the classroom in mid-August? To me, it's those special R's that help me enjoy my summer, while at the same time, prepare for another school year! Most everyone knows the foun- dational three R's of education — reading, writing and arithmetic, but during the summer these ele- ments take on new meaning for teachers — relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation. All teachers, parents and stu- dents alike, need that summer "break," a personal time to relax with family and friends, take evening walks on the beach, enjoy peaceful mornings and look for- ward to wonderful afternoon naps. Summer also provides time for teachers to gather new materials and ideas, attend workshops and plan with colleagues. After catching up on rest and personal time, teachers find them- selves redeveloping lesson plans, searching for new ideas off the Internet, and reflecting on what worked or didn't the year before. Summer is the chance to recover from sleepless nights, long hours away from home and family, and a time to accomplish what we have put off. For me, each new school year provides the opportunity to create a new learning environment, to strengthen my skills and create opportunities, which allow my stu- dents to accomplish and reach their goals. A new school year reminds me of fresh linens on a bed, or that first sip of coffee in the morning. It is a fresh start, a new begin- ning with a new group of students — fresh minds to mold and new goals to work hard toward until we cross the finish line in June. As a seasoned teacher, it still excites me when the first back-to- school deals are offered and my countless "pins" on Pinterest come to life, bulletin boards are once again replaced with eye-catching displays for open house. Preparing for a new school year is similar to the feelings we get when leaving for a long vacation. You get those "butterflies" in your stomach, a wave of excite- ment and that question we seem to always have lingers in the back of our mind after pulling out on the open road,"Did I remember to pack everything"? Those same feelings reappear on the first day of school when teach- ers open the classroom door on the first day and ask,"Am I ready for today?" Without this much-needed Teachers prepare for new school year during the summer Emily West See EMILY WEST,Page 6

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