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Thursday, August 3, 2017 Goldsboro News-Argus — 21 WAYNE EARLY/MIDDLE COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL & WAYNE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING 2017-2018 Academic Schedule Aug. 1 Teacher Workday Aug. 2, 3, 4 Designated Workdays Aug. 3 Open House Aug. 7 First Day for Students Sept. 4 Holiday Oct. 5 Designated Workday Oct. 6, 9 Teacher Workday Oct. 12 End of 1st Grading Period Nov. 10 Holiday Nov. 22 Annual Leave Nov. 23, 24 Holidays Dec. 20 End of 2nd Grading Period Dec. 21, 22 Annual Leave Dec. 25, 26, 27 Holidays Dec. 28, 29 Annual Leave Jan. 1 Holiday Jan. 2 Designated Workday Jan. 15 Holiday Feb. 19 Teacher Workday Mar. 8 End of 3rd Grading Period Mar. 9 Teacher Workday Mar. 30 Holiday April 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Annual Leave May 21 Last Day of School May 22, 23 Designated Workdays May 24, 25 Teacher Workdays May 28 Holiday Graduation As Determined by Each School 1DCT0817J© Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Company and Affiliated Companies, Columbus, Ohio. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review and approval. Nationwide and the Nationwide N and Eagle are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. NPO-0194M1.1 (09/14) ) 4 1 / 9 0 ( .1 1 M 4 9 1 0 - O P N . ny a p m o C e c n a r u ns I l a u t u M e d i w n o i t a N f o e d i w n o i t a N e h t d n a e d i w n o i t a N . l a v o r pp a d n a w e i v e r , s e n i l e d ui g g n i t i r w r e nd u i n a p om C d e t a i il f f A d n a y n a p m o C l a u t u M e d i w n o i t a N y b n e t t i r w r e nd u s t c du ro P s k ar m e c i v r e s e r a e l g a E d n a N e o t t c e j b u S . o hi O , s u b m u l o C , s e Your protection o i t c e t o r p r u o Yo Auto. Home. Life. Business. s s e n i s u B . e f i L . e m o H . o t Au : m o r f y a d o t e t o u q t a e G m o c . e d i w n o i at n @ 2 hopa s i b 2 2 5 5 - 8 7 7 - 9 1 9 Goldsboro, NC 27534 Royall Grande Place 2607A Royall Ave. p ho s i n B n A is personal. l na o s r e p s i 43DSP0717J© ARTISTIC DANCE ACADEMY Home of DANCE FOR CHRIST HAS MOVED TO DOWNTOWN CENTER ST!!! CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 5TH – REGISTER NOW!!! Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Tumbling, Adult Wellness and Fitness, Adult Hip Hop and Yoga Ages 2-Adult Beginner –Advanced Beautiful renovated building behind B & G Grill. Plenty of public parking on street, beside City Hall and in B&G parking area after 2:30. No flood zone area and 12,0000 sq feet of space to dance, worship and fellowship. Visit our website at or call us at 919-735-7008 Serving Goldsboro since 1963 MEET THE STAFF: From Left to Right: Noel Smith, Nikki Houston, Patricia Warren(Owner/Director), Tara Warren, Ashleigh Deal and not pictured Leroy Montalvo (AKA Chico) By ETHAN SMITH If your child rides the school bus, there are some tips they should heed to ensure their own safety. Wayne County Public Schools Director of Transportation Robert Lee said the main thing children can do is to be alert and make sure to pay close attention to their environment. "The most important thing is if they have to cross that road, check traffic before you go," Lee said. "You know, we actually have this new hand signal thing where the bus driver actually checks traffic and gives the child a thumbs up if it's safe." Lee said walking across the road without checking traffic and not paying attention could be deadly — a car can run a stop sign and run a child over, but it can be prevented by children checking traffic before they board the bus. Lee also said that children should stand in a safe spot while they wait on the school bus, away from the curb and away from the road. And at the end of the day, when a child gets ready to get off the bus, they should stay seated until it is time to walk off the vehicle, Lee said. "A lot of kids on the bus, when it gets ready to stop they'll antici- pate getting home and they'll stand up, but they shouldn't do that," Lee said. Lee also said children should stay away from the bumpers of the bus, and if they drop some- thing they should tell the driver before picking it up. Parents, too, should follow a few rules. If a child has an issue with another child, Lee said a parent should not — under any circum- stances — go on the bus and try to confront the other child. "What they should do is go to the school and talk to the admin- istrators, assistant principal and principal and vent their com- plaint, and whatever they felt was going wrong and have them inves- tigate it," Lee said. Lee said parents are not allowed on school buses in the first place. Confronting someone else's child, Lee said, can create hostili- ty with the other parent. Tips given for school bus safety

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