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16 — Goldsboro News-Argus Thursday, August 3, 2017 11DCT0817J© RAPER DISCOUNT DRUGS HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER Goldsboro's Leading Natural Medicine Pharmacy • Serving Wayne County for over 50 Years 2303 Wayne Memorial Drive, Goldsboro • 919.734.0741 • Full-service Pharmacy • Most Prescriptions Filled in 15 minutes or Less • Health and Beauty Aids • Personal Care Items • Baby Products • Over-the-Counter Medications • Household Needs • Vitamins • Greeting Cards & Gift W rap • Snacks and Beverages Your family's is important to us. Free City-Wide Pick-up & Delivery To Home or Work Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Saturday 9am-1pm Closed Sunday From the first day of kindergarten to graduation day and beyond, your family's health and wellness matter. To you and to us. 27DDF0717L© Are there any items that are prohibited in the residence halls? Students are permitted to have some appliances in their rooms to make their stay on-campus more com- fortable. However,there are some items that are not safe and conducive in this com- munity setting. Please be advised that the following items are prohibited from the resi- dence halls: • tobacco or tobacco products • pets • candles • incense • hookahs • lava lamps • halogen lamps • toasters and/or toaster ovens • grills and/or propane tanks • hot plates • kerosene • standard coffeemakers (only Keurig type machines are permitted) • other cooking appliances with open burners or exposed heating elements) How should students communi- cate with family members back home? Students should know that mom and dad are naturally going to be con- cerned about their student transition- ing to college,especially if they're liv- ing on campus. Students should keep in contact with family more frequently the first few days to assure that they are tran- sitioning well and learning the ropes of their new experience. However,most students will taper off communication after a few days and/or weeks. Realistically,students and families need to discuss what their expecta- tions for maintaining communication are so parents don't think their stu- dent is avoiding them and so parents don't overwhelm their student with communication while they're trying to find balance in adjusting to their new world and maintaining their home roots. What advice would you give about students getting involved on campus? The first couple of months are cru- cial in getting acclimated to campus.I advise students to make sure they get outside of their residence hall and classroom and see what the university has to offer. I always tell students that they never know when they will make the long lasting friendship,relationship or study partner who helps them get through it all. What should incoming students expect that first week? Welcome Week is our orientation program to help new incoming stu- dents transition to college and specifi- cally our UMO community.There will be a number of sessions to help inform students about what to expect in col- lege and how UMO operates,and a number of campus events in the evenings to get students interacting with one another. What is an important piece of advice that every incoming stu- dent should know? Starting college is all about making the transformation from one level of study and involvement to another. Meeting new people,attending classes on variable days and getting to know professors will bring about new experi- ences for incoming students. For residential students,meeting and moving in with a new roommate brings challenges of sharing space together.Being positive,open mind- ed to change and willing to try new things,such as trying new foods in the cafeteria or new activities through the Campus Activity Board, are all important factors in making the adjustment to college life. Continued from 13 College prep Photo submitted Colleges like the University of Mount Olive, provide tips and guide- lines on what to take to campus.

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