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July/August 2017 The North Carolina Mason Page 3 Proposed Code Amendments for 2017 Here are the proposed amendments to be considered at Annual Communication, Sept. 22-23: Amendment Group 1 Would allow the Board of Custodians to elect officers after the installation of the Grand Master. Submitted by Grand Secretary Amendment Group 8 This amendment would increase the per capita amount to $25 per member. Submitted by GL Finance Committee Amendment Group 2 This amendment will clarify editorial control of Grand Lodge news and information through The North Carolina Mason and other forms of publication. Submitted by Board of Publication Amendment Group 3 This amendment would allow a lodge to open lodge on the First Degree and conduct its business. Submitted by Blackmer #127 Amendment Group 4 This amendment would allow a lodge to charge a late fee on unpaid dues after March 31. The late charge is optional and would require a lodge to amend its bylaws before it becomes effective. Submitted by Casar #579 Amendment Group 5 This amendment is being proposed to close certain loopholes by requiring the conduct of background checks for those seeking Advance- ment, Restoration after Exclusion, Restoration after Demitting or Affiliation after two years. Submitted by PGM Bryant Webster Amendment Group 6 This amendment is being proposed to codify the Grand Lodge Committee on Personnel, which has functioned since 2013 as an ad hoc committee, and which has greatly profession- alized the handling of our personnel matters and brought us compliant with best practices. Submitted by PGM Bryant Webster Amendment Group 7 Would allow the Grand Master to dispense with the reading of minutes of any lodge communication he closes in ample form. Submitted by Grand Secretary Amendment Group 9 This amendment immediately stops the purchase of new Endowed Memberships. Applications for Endowed memberships already accepted by the Grand Secretary would be unaffected. Current endowed membership participants would be unaffected. The rules of transferring of memberships and other regulations regarding current endowed memberships would continue. Lodges would continue to receive endowed payments in perpetuity. Submitted by State College #770 Amendment Group 10 This amendment creates a new type of lifetime membership, Legacy Membership. Legacy Membership is crafted after Endowed Memberships, except with the amount paid out increasing over time. This allows the dues paid to the lodge to keep up with inflation, leaving a true legacy. Submitted by State College #770 Amendment Group 11 This amendment modifies the order of busi- ness for a lodge business meeting. Submitted by Eagle #19 Amendment Group 12 This amendment makes the Senior and Junior Grand Deacon chairmen of the Commit- tees for WhiteStone and Masonic Home for Children at Oxford. Amendment Group 13 Its purpose is to "suspend" membership of a member who has been charged with a crime but has yet to be adjudicated in criminal court. If he is found guilty, the Judge Advocate will summarily expel him from the fraternity or if found not guilty, his membership is fully restored and all notations expunged from his record. Note: This amendment will require unanimous consideration for this Grand Lodge. Submitted by Oak Grove #750 Norburn Creighton Hyatt, former Grand Master of Masons of North Carolina and 33 rd degree Scottish Rite Mason, died July 17 at his home in Candler. He was born at the family farm, now called Lanesland, on Oct. 10, 1928, to Lane and Wilma Hyatt. He is survived by his wife of 68 years, Martha Frances Foster Hyatt; his daughters, Norma Kulseth and Karen Allman; son-in-law, Dr. James Allman; six grandchildren; and nine great-grandchil- dren. A former salesman who traveled the eastern seaboard as a representative of e Cherokees and for Wheeler Manufacturing, GM Hyatt lived his life in Buncombe County. He was a Blue Lodge Mason for more than 57 years. He began his Masonic career in 1960. He was initiated at Mount Herman #118 in Asheville. He was soon appointed to the officer line and later elected Master in 1969. He was elected to receive the Scottish Rite Degrees in 1961 and was decorated with the rank of Knight Commander Court of Honour in October 1969. He was coronated an Inspector General Honorary of the 33 rd degree in 1973. He was appointed to the Grand Lodge line, and in June 1985, was elected Grand Master of Masons of North Carolina. He was appointed Personal Representative to the Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Orient of North Carolina for the Valley of Asheville in 1985 for 17 years. He also was a member of the Asheville York Rite, the Oasis Shrine, and the Order of the Eastern Star, where he served as Worthy Patron of Esther Chapter #12. During his Masonic career, he was elected an honorary member of several lodges. He was also a Charter member of Veritas #769 in Asheville. In 1993 Grand Master Ray Norris presented him with the Joseph Montfort Medal. In 2005, he was awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine by Gov. James B. Hunt Jr. He was preceded in death by his parents and all of his siblings. Funeral services, including Masonic Rites, were held July 21. He is buried at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery. PGM Norburn Hyatt dies at 88

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