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22 | YOU AT YOUR BEST | nwAdg.cOm/YOUATYOURBEST AUgUST - BAck TO SchOOl | SATURdAY, JUlY 29, 2017 ALLERGY ENT and Allergy Center Steve Cashman, MD Adult and Pediatric 2100 N. Green Acres Rd., Ste. A Fayetteville; (479) 521-3363 ASSISTED LIVING Brookfi eld Assisted Living 3 Highlands Crossing Dr. Bella Vista; (479) 855-5600 JZWWSÅMTL[MVQWZ[KWU Concordia Catered Living 11 Professional Dr., Bella Vista (479) 855-3714 KWVKWZLQIZM\QZMUMV\KWU A trusted senior living landmark in NW Arkansas for over 40 years, Concordia's Catered Living (assisted living) is deeply committed to providing an enjoyable, N]TÅTTQVOTQNM[\aTM?PI\M^MZ\PMQZLIQTa VMMLW]ZI\\MV\Q^M[\IٺQ[LMLQKI\ML\W aW]ZTW^MLWVM¼[[MK]ZQ\aIVLKWUNWZ\ For family members, assisted living UMIV[VWUWZM_WZZQM[ CANCER CARE Highlands Oncology Group (479) 587-1700 :WOMZ[: 808 S. 52nd St. (479) 936-9900 .IaM\\M^QTTM: 3232 N. North Hills Blvd.; (479) 587-1700 0MUI\WTWOa5MLQKIT7VKWTWOa" J. Thaddeus Beck, MD Daniel S. Bradford, MD Brooke E. Brander, DO Lynsay L. Brautnick, MD Malcolm L. Hayward, MD, FACP Sarah W. Jewell, MD Gregory J. Oakhill, MD Stephan B. Rosenfeld, MD Eric S. Schaefer, MD Patrick M. Travis, MD +WTWZMK\IT;]ZOMZa" Hollis T. Rogers III, MD /aVMKWTWOQKIT7VKWTWOa" Joseph J. Ivy, MD ;]XXWZ\Q^M+IZM" Juan I. Lombeida, MD :ILQI\QWV7VKWTWOa" Hershey Garner, JD, MD Chris M. McClinton, MD Arnold B. Smith, MD :M[MIZKP" (479) 872-8130 1UIOQVO"PET/CT, MRI, X-ray, Diagnostic CT, Ultrasound 4IJWZI\WZa;MZ^QKM[ 4aUXPMLMUI

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