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GEORGIA ALPHAN THE NEWSLETTER FOR ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF GEORGIA ALPHA CHAPTER OF PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY AT UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA - SUMMER 2017 g a a l p h a . c o m Not Your Father's Rush One of the most misunderstood subjects that Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) members try to communicate is how the recruitment process changed over the last couple of decades. The recruitment process is more expedited than what many of you recall from your undergraduate days. In the late 1980s, the University of Georgia Interfraternity Council (IFC) decided to implement a structured formal recruitment shortly before the fall semester started. While this change seemed like a way to "level the playing field" for all the chapters, it turned out that chapters began bidding potential members prior to the on campus recruitment. UGA IFC did not police this violation very well, partially because its leadership was composed of members from the largest chapters that benefitted most from this change. In time, these chapters wrapped up their pledge classes by the end of July and would not even participate in structured rush—to the point of leaving their houses locked up for the young men on house tours to stand outside. Georgia Alpha spent most of this time on the short side of the recruitment process. We were fighting with the other small chapters over a limited number of recruits who went through structured rush. Fortunately, we turned the corner and are now competitive with any chapter at UGA. At this point you might be asking "What does this have to me?" For nearly 150 years of Georgia Alpha's existence, rush recommendation has always been the key source of selecting prospective members. Coupled with recommendations from the Chapter actives, we rely on these to recruit new members. Given the facts described above, we need these qualified recommendations as soon as possible, but at least by the end of the high school year. You can submit a recommendation via our website,, or contact Ashley Dillard #2108 at stad10@yahoo. com or Mark Chandler #1686 at markc@hpiinc. net. The sooner we can get your recruit's information, the better chance we have to pledge him. While the recruitment process changed, prospects and resulting pledges from our alumni is the ultimate way for our Chapter to thrive and to retain a close goodwill with our alumni. Save the Date Annual Alumni Luncheon at the Chapter House on 130 Greek Park Circle Saturday, August 26, 2017 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Catered by Lee & Daniel Epting, Epting Events Cost: $40 per person. Spouses welcome. An email reminder with RSVP instructions to be sent closer to the event. 150th Anniversary Celebration of Georgia Alpha Many of you inquired about plans for this event. According to GHQ, Georgia Alpha was founded June 5, 1871. We plan to host an event in 2021. While it is four years away, this is a significant event and achievement. Georgia Alpha is the 14th oldest Phi Delta Theta chapter and the oldest in continuous existence nationally and on the UGA campus. We will form a committee to plan this event to be chaired by John McGoogan #1485. If you are interested in helping with this event please email John at Submit recruitment recommendations at, or contact Ashley Dillard #2108 at or Mark Chandler #1686 at Chapter Advisory Board Chairman Ashley Dillard #2108 Treasurer Howard Guest #2119 Housing Corporation Chairman David Boohaker #2092 Alumni/Rush Chairman Mark Chandler #1686 Public Relations/ Phikeia Chairman John Barnett Scholarship/ Philanthropy Chairman Jason Fitzer Housing Corporation President John McGoogan #1485

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