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4 — Healthy Living Thursday, June 29, 2017 Bridges, Cro wns, Lu mineers, Veneers, Whitening, 6 Month S mile, Dental I mplants, Dentures, Snap on S mile, Preventative Care, Cleaning, & IV Sedation Dentistry Are Are DENTAL I MPLANTS for you? for you? If you are suffering fro m missing teeth or loose-fitting dentures, the ans wer is YES! Eat, s mile and speak with confidence with dental i mplants fro m Stovall Dental, call us today: Dr. O. R. Stovall is seeing patients at 200 North Leslie Street 919-617-6635 Dr. Jonelle Stovall & Dr. Shafinaz Ali are seeing patients at 1504 Wayne Me morial Drive 919-344-0705 Stovall Dental where the most i mportant s mile to us …IS Y O U RS! Ne w Patients Welco me Acce pti n g m ost i ns ura nces. No insurance, We have affordable plans! S E H A BL A E S PA N OL w w m 25 DSP0617J © Sun can da mage the skin B y D R. J O H N L. J E N NI N G S J R. Goldsboro Ski n Ce nter S u m mer is here a nd people will be o ut at t he beach, worki ng i n t heir garde ns a nd j ust e njoyi ng t he war m weat her o utside. B ut t he s u n ca n da mage t he ski n i n vario us ways, so yo u need to take preca utio ns if yo u're goi ng to be o ut i n it. Here are so me tips • S u nscree n early a nd ofte n Daily use of a broad-spectr u m s u nscree n of at least S P F (s u n pro- tectio n factor) 30 is reco m me nded. S u nscree n wo n't be f ully effective u ntil it is absorbed i nto t he ski n, w hich typically takes abo ut 30 mi n- utes. W he n o utside, s u nscree n s ho uld be reapplied every t wo ho urs, espe- cially to co m mo nly missed spots s uch as t he scalp, neck, backs of ha nds a nd ears. Look for "broad- spectr u m protectio n" a nd water resista nt o n t he label. Zi nc oxide a nd tita ni u m dioxide are p hysical blockers a nd are toler- The Right Mo ment to Change Your Life Be a pioneer in mobile technology and wellness Renee Hinson • 919-440-1459 • 18 D A G0617J © Features • H H ear eart rat rate • iPhone/A ndroi iPhone/A ndroid C om patible C om patible • EC G /EK EC G /EKG • Bloo Blood Pressure Pressure • Rem ot Rem ote M onito M onitor O ther' O ther's Vitals Vitals • G erm aniu G erm anium Plate Plates • Pani Panic Button Button • Em ergenc Em ergency SO SO S G P G PS Location Location • A m on A m ong others others Ne w Features Co ming Soon! • Bloo Blood O xygen O xygen • Bod Body Tem perature Tem perature • Bloo Blood Suga Sugar - no m or m ore finge finger sticking sticking • M osquit M osquito Shield Shield • D at D ata Sen Sent Vi Via Em ail Em ail- directly to your doctor to evaluate your body behavior day by day for a better and more co mplete diagnosis. Have you seen this ne w life sensing wearable technology? Photo sub mitted Vari o us pr o d ucts are o n t he market t o hel p pr otect y o ur ski n fr o m t he s u n's da ma gi n g rays. See S U N D A M A G E, Pa ge 8

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