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t he i nsta nces of w hich have i ncreased i n rece nt years. Excessive expos ure to s u nlig ht is a risk factor especially for t hose w ho are fair-ski n ned a nd bl ue-eyed. S u nglasses marked " meets A merica n Natio nal Sta ndards I nstit ute req uire me nts" effectively block 99 perce nt of U V rays. Wraparo u nd-style s u nglasses are best for protecti ng t he delicate ski n aro u nd t he eyes. • Protect your s mile Don't forget your lips. With an S P F of 10 at best, most lipstick is designed to make your lips look pretty rather than protect the m fro m sun da mage. Keep the m moist and protected with lip bal m. Seek out broad-spectru m bal ms and lipsticks with an S P F of 30 that block both U V A and U V B rays. Just as with sunscreen, it's i mportant to regularly reapply lip bal m, particularly after eating. Lip gloss, mean while, can actually intensify the sun's rays — just like tanning with baby oil — making a bad situation even worse. • Be wary of reflected sunlight Have you ever reflected the sun off of a mirror? Then you can i magine what reflect- ed U V rays can do to your skin. U V rays that reflect off of water, sand, con- crete and even areas painted bright white can cause sun da mage just like direct sunlight. It's s mart to wear sunscreen all the ti me, even in the shade. Old Man Winter won't protect you fro m the sun's har mful U V rays either. • Early detection and treat ment are key Basal cell carcino ma is the most co m mon skin cancer, and may present as a shiny bu mp that is pearly or translucent and is often pink, red, white or clear, an open sore that bleeds, oozes, crusts and doesn't heal for three or more weeks or a reddish irritated or crusty patch that may itch or hurt. Squa mous cell carcino ma is the sec- ond most co m mon skin cancer and presents as a wart-like gro wth that crusts and occasionally bleeds, a per- sisting scaly red patch with irregular borders or an elevated gro wth with a central depression that may rapidly increase in size. ( Contents modified fro m the A merican Acade my of Der matologic Surgery.) C o nti n ue d fr o m 9 Thursday, June 29, 2017 Healthy Living — 13 co me fro m added sugars. Diets high in added sugar often lead to weight gain. Diets lo w in added sugar can reduce the risk of diseases, like heart disease. • N utrie nts. Vita mi n D, calci u m, iro n a nd potassi u m no w are listed i n t he foot note. Vita mi n D a nd potassi u m no w replace vita mi ns A a nd C as ne w n utrie nts of co ncer n. Vita mi n D has bee n added beca use it is needed for healt hy bo nes. Potassi u m has bee n added beca use it helps red uce blood pres- s ure. • Foot note. T he foot note has bee n updated wit h a better defi nitio n of w hat "perce nt daily val ue" mea ns. T he perce nt daily val ue tells yo u ho w m uc h a n utrie nt i n a servi ng of food co ntrib utes to a daily diet. A nd 2,000 calories a day is used for ge neral n utritio n advice. For more i nfor matio n abo ut foo d a n d n utritio n, co nt act Mic helle Estr a d a at a n n a.estr a d a @ way m or c all 9 1 9) 7 3 1- 1 5 2 5. C o nti n ue d fr o m 3 2607 B Medical Office Place Goldsboro Phone 9 1 9. 5 8 7. 3 7 0 0 1 3 7 D CT 0 6 1 7J © A F e w Hours of Your Ti me No w May Result in Many Extra Years Later On! Colorectal Cancer is one cancer that is preventable! That's because cancer can be detected early if you take the ti me for a screening. If you are 50 or older, or if you have a fa mily history of cancer, schedule a colonoscopy today. Ste wart Futch, MD Gastroenterology and Hepatology V isitourw ebsiteatw w w .SpiceB 252-527-7000 - Cooking Classes Fullm ealand recipesincluded! O nly $15 a person! Form oreinform ation call or - S u n da ma ge La bel

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