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Summer 2017 SWORD AND SHIELD u m d p h i d e l t . c o m Brother Updates John F. Boyle #991 VP GM Sales, Constellation Brands, Inc. Enjoying Life in sunny Florida. I have three grandkids and my wife Ellen & I are doing some traveling. I recently saw Paul Leleck #966 and Petch Gibbons #1026 after nearly 40 years! Gaylord Brooks #460 Gosh, here I am approaching middle age (86). My wife Shirley and I still travel - took a camping trip to Big Bend National Park last April and in October, we drove our conversion van to six National Parks: Grand Canyon, Zion, etc. We also went to Costa Rica in January to visit our daughter who is teaching there for a year. Hate to say it, we are lot less mobile than we used to be, but we are still going. We love your idea of the new website and would love to connect the few of us left from the early 50's. Thanks a lot! Bryan L. Dickerson #1315 I joined the Navy as an active duty Naval Aviator for twelve years and spent eight additional years in Naval Reserve. I retired as a Commander. Since 1998, I've been a Delta pilot and Captain of the Boeing 717. I married Colleen Treacy and we have two kids, Mary Grace (b. 1994) and Jack (b. 1996). Proud to be a Phi! Michael D. Donaldson #1361 Married to Sandra Donaldson. Children: Cameron, 17 (daughter) Christopher, 14 (son) Andrew, 14 (son). George G. Dunsten #884 Real Estate Broker, Coach and Real Estate Seminars Speaker & Author. Robert E. L. Eaton #716 I have not worked full-time in quite some time, having retired in 2004 from the Federal Government after serving nearly 35 years with The United States Attorney's Office in Washington, D.C. My last position was a Senior Supervisory Assistant U. S. Attorney. James J. Fratino #636 On 11/14/2015 I was inducted into the Eastern Shore Baseball Hall of Fame. Peter L. Hickling #972 Both my wife Cathy and I are now retired and looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. Thomas T. Hare #805 Found a calling in my retirement, running a food pantry for veterans and homeless veterans in the area. Robert H. Larsen #420 In 2012, after nine years in a golf community, I moved to western North Carolina. There, I met Bobbie Hume, the answer to an older man's dream. We married in 2014, and now share a mountain home with a dog and three cats. Scott A. Livingston #2126 I have a new job as an Incoming Market Data Analyst at Bloomberg in Princeton, New Jersey. Adam W. Luecking #1720 Married to Erin Morrison Luecking. We have four kids - Connor (7), William (5), Peyton (3), and Caitlin (1) and live in Rockville, MD. I am the CEO of Clear Impact, LLC ( Thomas C. Morrison #507 Retired. In good health, except for my back ache! David M. Morris #898 I currently serve as the CEO of Tribridge Partners, LLC. I have been married to Carol W. Morris for 45+ years. David M. Pusey #964 I am a retired physical education teacher, coach, administrator and college professor. My wife and I both worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (education) among the Lakota in South Dakota and the Navajo in New Mexico. She was a teacher/librarian. I later taught at the University of the Ozarks in Arkansas and Buena Vista University. We live in western Iowa in Hawarden, a stone's throw away from South Dakota. We are both Christians and rely on the Lord for our strength. We send our love to all past and present. John W. Snyder #730 I lost my wife of 47 years, Sue Evans Snyder in 2012 to lung cancer. I remarried in 2014 to my classmate since 4th grade who I graduated high school with at North Hagerstown High School. We live in Ocean City, Maryland. To share your noteworthy updates and accomplishments with brothers, please visit the Brother to Brother page on The brothers of Maryland Alpha during Christmas 2016.

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