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Maryland Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity at the University of Maryland

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SWORD AND SHIELD Summer 2017 u m d p h i d e l t . c o m 2017 Chapter Officers President Anthony Busani #2160 Vice President of Internal Affairs Byron Kunst #2147 Vice President of External Affairs Devin Cowley #2165 Treasurer Ethan Sim #2141 Risk Manager Greggory Cerino #2156 Secretary Michael Rinaldo #2152 Alumni Relations Chairman Sean Cowdrey #2513 Communication support and assistance provided by OmegaFi. (800) 276-6342 | Eight brothers braced freezing waters during this year's Polar Bear Plunge, benefitting the Special Olympics of Maryland. Brothers Set the Foundation for a Strong Start to the 2017-2018 School Year The active brothers of Maryland Alpha are maintaining a positive presence on campus and in the surrounding community. As the 2016-2017 school year draws to a close, members have many outstanding accomplishments to be proud of. Currently, the chapter holds a strong GPA of 3.15 and recently initiated 24 exceptional men this spring. This is an increase of 13 brothers compared to fall recruitment. As always, active brothers are dedicated to giving back to the community through philanthropy events. Their annual Casino Night had an excellent turnout and raised $26,000. All proceeds were donated to TAH, MedFund and ALS. Additionally, brothers cosponsored Gamma Phi Beta's kickball tournament, "Benefit Girls on the Run." This youth program inspires young women to be joyful, healthy and confident. In addition to hosting their own philanthropy events, eight brothers participated in this year's Polar Bear Plunge. The proceeds from this event, over $2,000, benefitted the Special Olympics of Maryland. The active brothers of Phi Delta Theta at the University of Maryland are extremely proud of this year's accomplishments and appreciate continued alumni support. Alumni are always welcome to come visit the house and connect with fellow brothers. Fall 2016 Phikeia Jake Abel #2171 Jacob Cool #2173 Jacob Donick #2177 Charles Ferrara #2179 Noah Foster #2174 Timothy Gallagher #2181 Nicholas Garner #2172 Jeffrey Hirata #2176 Parsa Moayeri #2183 Christoph Mugge-Durum #2180 Jonas Mugge-Durum #2175 Xavier Warmerdam #2178 Keith White #2182 Fall 2016 pledge class poses with their Phikeia Educator, Marco Romero #2073 (bottom front, center). Andrew Brown #2198 Jonny Cornely #2189 TJ Coughlin #2185 Jordan Davila #2201 Chase Duckett #2195 Taylor Ford #2202 Eli Friedman #2192 Neil Garg #2193 Kenny Garner #2191 Mike Gillen #2190 Brennan Haines #2184 Will Hisey #2200 Clayton Henschel #2194 Matt Jasper #2204 Brian Jocelyn #2199 Rocco Kling #2205 Parker Knott #2196 Jono Kruger #2203 Shay Lynch # 2186 Jordan Nicolette #2187 Drew Toma #2197 Griffin Wilhelm #2188 Wyatt Woods #2206 Brad Zulick #2207 Spring 2017 Phikeia Spring 2017 pledge class.

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