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Wings Over Wayne Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Airshow

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31 street, we work with them quite a bit. "It is an kind of an awesome opportunity to bring the Air Force's, I would say premier combat fighter, the F-22 Raptor down there and a chance to show- case the aircraft to the crowd and to show not only what the aircraft can do, but a sense of teamwork that is so big in the Air Force and the F-22 demo team." There are so many things that make the F-22 Raptor great, said Dickinson, a seasoned fighter pilot with just under 1,000 F-22 hours. Spectators can expect to see maneuvers no other aircraft can make, he said. "We are really going to have a chance to show them the performance of the aircraft," Dickinson said. "They are going to see everything from some tight turns to me taking the jet right up to the speed of sound. Not over it, the speed of sound, not into sonic boomland, but right up close. Then on the next maneuver, he is going to slow it down –– slower than a car driving out on the Interstate, he said. Spectators will also get to see the jet go from sit- ting on the runway to lighting the afterburners to a straight-up, vertical takeoff. The performance will last 16 to 17 minutes and then another six to 10 minutes with the Mustang. Once the planes get into the sky, pilots want to spend as much time as possible showing them off, he said. "What is really special, I am going to rejoin with that P-51 Mustang," Dickinson said. "That is probably one of our favorite parts of the air show. We are going to do the Heritage Flight — just a great chance to put one of the greatest aircraft that has ever been flown, the P- 51 Mustang, really the champion of World War II, right together with the F- 22 Raptor, the current premier aircraft. "It is our chance to give back to the veterans who served before us. We firmly believe that we stand on their shoulders. So our Heritage Flight is our opportuni- ty to say thanks to them and just really show off that rare formation that you don't really see too often." The F-22 Raptor is the Air Force's newest fighter aircraft. The Mustang is a long-range, single- seat fighter and fighter-bomber used during World War II, the Korean War and other conflicts. It was the first single-engine plane based in Britain to penetrate Germany, first to reach Berlin, first to go with the heavy bombers over the Ploiesti oil fields in Romania, and first to make a major- scale, all-fighter sweep specifically to hunt down the dwindling Luftwaffe. Flying in formation the two aircraft will make three passes, each one is a little bit different, but essentially the Raptor will be on the Mustang's wing. Toward the end they will split up and each will come in for a couple of passes. "We will each kind of do our own aerobatics maneu- vers per se," Dickinson said. "Then we will taxi back together just like a team would. I am usually trying to let the crowd hear some of that Mustang's engine because there is nothing better." After the planes land, people will be able to take photos from a distance. "One of the favorite things for our team is once the demo is over, we have a ton of stickers and handouts," Dickinson said. "We will generally walk toward the crowd and really try to be with all the kids and try to hand out all of those stickers. They just love that. That is one of our favorite parts. "We will be around. The jets will be around. Everyone should have an opportunity to get great pictures of the F-22 Raptor." It is a one-plane demonstration team, but two Raptors will arrive at Seymour Johnson AFB on the Thursday before the air show. Dickinson will practice on Friday, and the aircraft will be on the base through the weekend. Continued from 23 Drs. Moore, Greenwood, Marchese, & Gambella Offering Digital X-Rays • Same Day Restoration Appointments Available Highest Quality Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Accepting Most Insurance • New Patients Welcome Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. 919.731.2331 2702 Medical Office Place • Goldsboro 15DCT0517J© F-22

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