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Wings Over Wayne Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Airshow

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30 tion, Warda said. "Flying a student airplane for $50 as opposed to the $300 (for aerobatics) makes a difference," she said. "It took another 10 years, for several reasons, because I needed a whole lot more money, and it was a brand new experience as a pilot. You can't go right into aero- batics, but it is such a high level of flying, the learning curve is very steep." It was 1997 when she officially began her career in aerobatics. At the age of 50 and a woman, Warda broke barriers in the air- craft performing scene, and she is extremely conscious of the fact that she is a minority in the field of aerobatics and air shows, but that doesn't faze her. "I have never had a problem fly- ing," she said. "All my friends are men, there are very few women that fly air shows because it is very aggres- sive. It is not about being a girl, it is about being a good pilot. If you aren't going to do well, they aren't going to like you much. Typically when you hear women say they aren't welcome by men, it is not about flying, it's about personality. As long as I am good at what I do there is no problem with me flying in a man's world." Her plane, an Extra 300 monoplane, is as tough as she is. She made the switch from biplane to monoplane years ago because she was looking for a change — and that change has suited her. "I fly like the guys do," she said. "My airplane is a mono- plane. It is quite a hot rod, a premier aerobatic airplane. At my level of flying, consider me having a Ph.D. in aerobatics. I am flying a very advanced and capable airplane. My body will break before my plane. It is not a ballet in the sky, it's hard charging and fast, tumbles at low levels." She has logged in more than 3,200 flight hours and more than 1,100 air show performances becoming the first woman to solo pilot at the 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show in the United Arab Emirates. Warda said she performs in around 15 air shows per year, and the longevity of her career, which has amounted to 15 years, is no small feat either. "That is a pretty long time in this business, a lot of people don't last but two to three years because there isn't a lot money, and it's very dangerous if you don't have respect for the rules," she said. "If you don't live by the rules you are going to die by them." Continued from 22 919.759.0203 2712 Graves Drive ( just off Berkeley Blvd., next to Mickey's) Mon.-Fri. 9:30-5:30 • Sat. 10-2 • K&B POOLS & SPAS SJAFB – You Make a Big Splash! 8DSL0517J© Inground Pools • Above Ground Pools Hot Tubs • Toys • Pool Accessories Chemicals and More! Renting? Ask about our Realtor Approved Pool School! Thank You For Your Service 63DSP0417L© Jacquie B

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