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The The Tiger Sig Published by the Xi Xi ChaPter alumni assoCiation of sigma Chi fraternity COLUMBIA, MISSOURI SPRING 2017 T hat lumpy old couch, on which Xi Xi Nathan Willett '18 and his vice president, Tri Delta Payton Englert are perched, personifies the winning strategy that carried the duo to a record win at MU. Nathan and Payton received 8,548 votes, 17 percent more than the previous record. "Voting in a campus election is not a primary consideration for most college students," Nathan said. So, how did they get there? How did they energize so many at MU? Since Greeks are one of the largest student segments, opponents easily claim a segmented bias when representatives of fraternities and sororities run for office. Nathan and Payton didn't let that happen. Most importantly, their campaign message, "Tigers Together," was reflective of their vision for MU's future. It was a lot more than words. They started with a mature and senior-heavy campaign staff, and, as most campaigns need cash, Xi Xi alumni stepped forward to offer strong financial support. The heart of the candidates' beliefs was that many campus elements could be unified through a student government not bogged down by the past but focused on the forward. Going forward meant a new togetherness. Nathan and Payton are great sales people for our university. They have strong respect for the MU experience, both in education and total quality of student life. This enthusiasm permeated through their communication. Now for the lumpy old couch. They set the remnant up in the shadow of the columns, and for two weeks, they hosted open conversations with any student who would sit with them while enjoying, as Nathan avers, some fine coffee. The discussions were broad-reaching, the comments sometimes emotional, but they showed this team would be there for everyone. It was an exclamation point to their message, and it worked! There were a few bumps in the campaign road, some thrown by their opposition, but Nathan and Payton navigated them smoothly. They, with their cabinet and student senate, will set the direction of the university for the next year. Nathan considers himself the chief advocate for all students. He and Payton want to see a campus that moves together as a unit and puts past differences away. It is interesting how their objectives coincide with those of the Interfraternity Council and chapter presidents. It's biting off a lot, but if enthusiasm and focus can make a difference, it will abound in Nathan and Payton's administration. By the way, they did have a campaign bonus. They were supported by Harpo's. With that kind of help, how could you lose? INCLUSIVE STRATEGY CARRIES XI XI TO STUDENT BODY PRESIDENCY The winning team of Nathan Willett '18 and Payton Englert on the lumpy old couch, where for two weeks, they invited conversation to all comers. They weathered suggestions from various directions and some barbs, but proved their desire to represent all students.

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