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48 NORTH BAY WOMAN | S P R I N G 2 0 1 7 By Jane Lott sk any 4-year-old girl and, with glowing eyes and deep conviction, she will tell you her dream — to be a ballerina, to travel to Mars, to search for dinosaurs, to lead, to heal, to teach. Sometimes a girl is lucky enough to have her dream nurtured to fruition. Sometimes the dream is replaced by another. And sometimes it lies dormant, waiting for the right combination of determination, maturity and support. The first two criteria are up to each woman. But it is Grace Kraaijvanger's dream to provide the supportive environment for dreams to become reality. As a young girl, Kraaijvanger wanted to become a professional dancer. Having accomplished that as an adult, she moved on to other things -- motherhood, a marketing career, consulting from home. But after her mother's premature death, she questioned her life and its purpose, asking herself "What's next?" Like many women who work from home, she felt isolated, and in her grief, she turned to artistic expression. She created a film to honor her mother, performed on stage, and started a lunch group for women, always following the nebulous but firm belief that there was something else she was meant to do. "I have such a deep-seated belief in the potential of every woman," says Kraaijvanger. "And I'm fascinated by the idea of creating space and support to unleash that." That belief and fascination eventually jelled into The Hivery, "a collaborative and creative co-working space where women can Above: Singer-songwriter of Nina Grae sang the opening and closing songs at the International Women's Day celebration, which included a panel of four change-making women. Below: Founder of The Hivery Grace Kraaijvanger.– Photos provided by The Hivery The Hivery the buzz at A

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