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ED Magazine May 2017 11 www.theEDexpo.com "A bad apple can turn a barrel of apples bad in just a few weeks. At a club, it's 21 days, that's why I have my '21-day rule.' If you have a club that starts heading the wrong direction or you have problems in that club, it takes less than 21 days for it to be completely infected. And it takes five times longer to fix a club than it does to screw it up. A two-week problem becomes a 10-week solution. Anybody who's an absentee owner finds that out." "We spend our time now with labor lawyers and solving the labor issues that for years we were told were not a problem. Even though for 15 years we've been told by the First Amendment lawyers that we were going to be OK. They were wrong. It doesn't change their billing statements, but they were wrong. "We are not going to win legal fights anymore. Our fight now is for the hearts and the minds because we're not going to win in court. People who think that we're going to have these great court victories and listen to a phalanx of attorneys line up to tell us about them are plain wrong — we don't win these fights anymore. Our future is tied to letting (the general public) know that we and our employees are trying to make a living out here without breaking the law." "You have to move quickly and you have to move succinctly because people look for action from the top. Leadership is to be the coach of the Yankees and pull a pitcher after he's walked three people. You gotta make the call and you gotta make it quick, because the cancer just infects. At the club level — whatever the problem may be, even if it's ambivalence — all these are issues that you have to address quickly." "I think you need to immediately establish a sense of control. But at the same time, much of what I've learned in the club business I learned from people that came with the club. Anybody who comes in and says they're firing everybody is a fool because you don't know enough to fire everybody. So oftentimes when I buy a club, I'll go in and change nothing for the first 30 days, or 60 days. It takes 30 days to understand what the problems are and the best way to correct them." "Greed in our industry has been a great killer of employees. Greed is my biggest enemy and the reason that I've had to fire managers and tell entertainers not to come back to my club. Greed makes people do stupid things. It causes world wars and it makes our employees make bad decisions. Unfortunately, I — like the rest of civilization — have not yet figured out how to control that problem, so I try to put as many controls as I can into it." How to Why greed fix is, in fact, a broken not good club What one bad apple can do to your adult nightclub Dancer legal battles & industry attorneys classification, The first steps after taking over a new club

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