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Texas Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at the University of Texas

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Texas Alpha to the Top The new court accommodates both basketball and volleyball. Phi Kappa Psi National President Jim Boyle (Washington Alpha) with Mack Brown. House Management Board President Bryan Muecke '75 lays out a plan for undergraduate accomplishment at Saturday night's banquet. Spanish tile in the buffet serving area with Texas bluebonnet wrapped lighting. Undergraduates enjoy dancing on Friday. Bill Griffith '74 reviews the inlaid Phi Kappa Psi Creed with another alumnus. A dramatic view of courtyard at night (Saturday banquet). Friday U.T. open house in the courtyard as the band prepares to play. Inside the new chapter room, featuring stitched cowhide panels. Hungry undergraduates are first through the buffet at the Saturday banquet as alumni enjoy a cocktail reception outside. The house features 17 single rooms on the third floor. TAHB President Kelly Fish '77 raises a toast to the brothers of Texas Alpha in recognition that they now own the greatest fraternity house in the country. Detailed and exquisite lettering on the front door.

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