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2 indiana alpha From the heart Corporate Documents Update T hanks to the support of 54 generous alumni, $8,220 was contributed last fall through this spring. We will be using these funds as well as any continued donations to help staff and fund events and publications necessary to rebuild alumni relations. Your continued support helps ensure the future of Indiana Alpha. If an error has been made in recording the amount of your gift, we sincerely apologize. If corrections to your giving records are needed, please send them to Thank you, again, for your loyal support. indiana alpha society ($2,500 and above) Frank E. Ruehling '56 Rodney J. Henderson '68 balanced man society ($1,000 to $2,499) Hal Shevers Jr. '57 Robert F. Kroeger '58 Walter L. Brant '71 Norman E. Nabhan '71 Scott R. Swisher '79 Fred H. Beckman '82 Michael C. Turner '87 Matthew R. Foster '94 brotherhood society ($500 to $999) Donald F. Smith '48 Bill M. Reid '60 James H. Muehlbauer '63 John L. Knochel '65 John K. Oelslager '66 Logan F. Wernz '67 Wendell D. Schultz '68 August G. Voelkel '68 James S. Keller '69 James M. Cassell '73 James M. Lindsey, D.D.S. '74 Douglas M. Nabhan '77 Bradley S. Vice '85 golden heart society ($100 to $499) Edward R. Hyde '48 Raymond S. Stephens '49 Robert C. Foster '54 Jean C. Evans '56 James A. Hubler '57 Roger G. Blocks '62 Larry R. Horton '62 Robert A. Hipskind '64 Gary N. Bolen '65 Philip J. Goede '65 Fred C. Lash '66 E. Dana Smith '66 Gary L. Evans '67 Stephen J. Zimmerly '69 Jim A. Bottorff '70 J. Michael Volpp, D.V.M. '70 Charles R. Reeves '73 Thomas E. Everly '75 Jerrold L. Ulrey '75 Mac F. McGlincy '78 Steven E. Wilson '79 Scott M. McCain '82 Richard C. Schroeder '82 James D. Farley '86 Terry M. Hart '87 Edward W. Heathorn '87 David S. Griffith '88 Ryan R. Gilbert '97 Matthew J. Zaremba '01 donor society (Up to $99) Gordon W. Thomson '51 Charles R. Deible '68 O ver the last two years, an AVC task force has worked on a major project to organize, create, or rewrite all of our governing documents for our corporation. Already completed are the Room and Board Agreement, the Membership Agreement, and Work Scholarship Agreements—that part of the work was completed before the chapter suspended operations. Now we have completed the next phase of that work by redrafting our Articles of Incorporation (last updated in 1959) and our bylaws (last updated in 1991). Those documents had numerous fatal flaws, which are being addressed, including inconsistencies between the two documents and state law. In addition, numerous practices under which we have long operated were in conflict with our bylaws. With these corrections, we expect to update our governing documents to permit us to operate efficiently as a 21st century organization. At our February 19 board meeting, it was moved and approved to make the changes recommended by the task force. Your board recommends approving the Articles of Incorporation (see links below). The board is calling a special meeting of the members to approve these changes. We appreciate as many attendees to vote as possible. You will also be able to ask any questions on the progress of the AVC. practical changes: • Number of directors fixed to nine (Indiana law requires a fixed number) • Bylaw changes permitted by Board of Directors (advised by our attorney and SigEp best practice) • Removal of a director by two-third majority vote of the board • Removal of member of corporation by board if SigEp membership lapses • Meetings permitted using modern tools and at whichever location board chooses (since 690 not available) notice of special meeting being called by board of directors when: May 10, 2017, 7:30 p.m. EDT where:, or call (765) 400-0489; no PIN needed what: To approve changes to the Articles of Incorporation articles of incorporation (in effect) bylaws (in effect) articles of incorporation (proposed) bylaws (proposed) Thank You, BroThers, for supporTing indiana alpha

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