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Thursday, March 16, 2017 Spring, Home & Garden— 9 The Lighting Gallery Elegance at Discount Prices (252) 523-7878 Hwy. 258 N. Kinston, Village Square Shopping Center www.thelighting galler ync.net Remodeling or Redecorating? Come see us for a variety of beautiful lamps, exterior & interior lighting and mirrors! 5DDF0217D© The Habitat for Humanity of Goldsboro-Wayne 919.736.9550 124 E. Mulberry Street • www.habitatgoldsboro.org \Tues.-Thurs. 9am-5pm • Fri.-Sat. 9am-6pm Donations accepted during business hours & Monday 9am-2pm. Call us for pickups. Windows • Mirrors • Doors • Home Decor Paint • Tables • Chairs • Shelves • Wood Hardware • Tools & so much more! YOUR DIY HE ADQUARTERS Help us build strength, stability & self-reliance through shelter in Wayne County Whether you're remodeling a room or hoping to complete a Pinterest project, chances are you'll find everything you need here! 3DSP0317D© HOME AND GARDEN 2017 By STEVE HERRING sherring@newsargus.com Lawn and garden work can require a hefty investment in equipment — expensive equipment that could end up only being used a few times a year. But Musgrave Equip- ment Co., 3866 U.S. 70 West, carries the Stihl KombiSystem, a unique line of tools that could ease the strain on the wallet while providing a versatile arsenal for lawn work. "Basically you have two halves," owner Anthony Sauls said. "You have and engine on one end and you have an attachment on the other." The attachments include weed trimmers, edgers, hedge trimmers, blowers, chain saws, garden tillers, brooms, aerators and more. "You can do it all," he said. "That's typically the best route for the homeowner because typically if they buy a dedicated unit for each piece, they don't use it enough. The gas gets bad in the carburetor and needs service." When there is only one unit is gets much more use, he said. The powerhead units start out at $209 with attachments ranging in price from anywhere from $89 for a weed trimmer to $239 for articulating edge clip- pers. "If you start that way, that is the best way to go," Sauls said. "That is what I use at my house. I love it. It works great. The beau- ty of it is you have an initial investment that might be 10 percent higher than buying a dedicated unit. "But each unit you buy after that, you are going to save half the money because you are only buying the attach- ment. You are not buy- ing the powerhead. "It is a real savings down the road if you want two or three pieces. A pole saw attachment is $199. A pole saw is $499. A dedicated edger in a straight shaft is $429 and the attachment is $179. So it is a nice savings after you kind of get into it." The 56RC model pow- erhead at $209 is an easy start system, which means you don't have to pull it hard Sauls said. "If you can open a car door you can start that trimmer," he said. "Elderly, young, it does- n't matter." Stihl's battery-pow- ered units are also gaining in popularity and are a good option for those who don't want to bother with gas-powered equip- ment, he said. There is even a com- mercial line of battery- powered equipment. "We have hedge trim- mers starting at $129, a weed eater at $129, blower at $129," he said. "It includes bat- tery and charger and unit all in one pack- age." The battery-powered units are good for older people or limited use people who don't have the ability to start a gas-powered unit, but want to keep their yard up, Sauls said. "They are light- weight," he said. "All you do is charge the battery, put it in, and pull the trigger. You don't have any gas to keep up with. You don't have any prob- lems starting." The batteries have a long run time and the units are lighter weight and less cumbersome to handle at five pounds versus 11 pounds in a gas trimmer, he said. Perhaps the biggest investment for lawn care is the mower. When someone is looking a mower, Sauls said he looks at what their needs are and how far they want to go with what they want to do with their lawn. Musgrave carries few push mower and the ones it does are com- mercial units and cost $500 to $600 and even $1,000. A number of factors go into deciding at what point to go from push to some type of riding mower, he said. "I have guys cutting two acres with a walk- behind mower because they want the exercise," he said. "In my opinion if you are a little older, you probably need a rider for anything that is a half acre and up. That is a lot of pushing when you push a half acre of grass — 21 inches at time. That will wear you out." Zero turn riding mowers start as low as $2,999. Sauls does not stock that particular model, but he can order it and have the item in stock within a day. Expect to pay $4,999 to $5,299 for a zero turn mower for any size yard up to three acres. But the mower should last 25 years, he said. The mowers go up to $30,000. Zero turns are becom- ing more and more pop- ular, outselling tractor- style mowers claiming probably close to 80 to 90 percent of the mar- ket, Sauls said. "We want to know how many acres they are trying to cut," he said. "Depending on how exotic they want to get with a mower we can put them in something that is $2,999, zero turn. We can put them in anything in between $4,000, $5,000. If they want to buy one lawn mower to last the rest of their life, they may want to buy some entry level professional, $5,999 — Exmark prod- uct, Gravely, Kubota. We have got something to fit them in all three models." Bugs and weeds can be a problem during the spring and summer. Musgrave offers back- pack 4.5-gallon tank sprayers for $120 that can be used to spray different kinds of chem- icals. For $400, customers can purchase a sprayer that is a mister. "It a small blower with a sprayer on it that you can spray for mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks," he said. "You can buy chemi- cals and spray it across your yard, house, trees." For more information, visit www.musgravee- quipment.com. News-Argus/STEVE HERRING Anthony Sauls, owner of Musgrave Equipment Co., demonstrates the Stihl KombiSystem that allows different lawn and garden tool attachments to be added to a powerhead. News-Argus/STEVE HERRING Anthony Sauls, owner of Musgrave Equipment Co., shows off the different models of Kubota zero turn mowers that the business carries. If it is not in stock, it can be ordered and will arrive the following day. News-Argus/STEVE HERRING Musgrave Equipment Co. offers a full range of chain saws suitable for any kind of yard work. Using the right equipment will ensure a healthy lawn ■ That includes trimmers, lawn mowers and other lawn tools. News-Argus/STEVE HERRING Battery-powered equipment like this weed trimmer are lighter and less cumbersome to use than their gas-powered counterpart. We're on the Internet. You can read us online at www.newsargus.com.

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