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By BRANDON DAVIS bdavis@newsargus.com Life's full of decisions. Who to marry, where to live and to have children or pets or not are some of the many questions peo- ple ask themselves. But if those decisions are fulfilled, another question may pop up. Carpet or hardwood flooring? Abbey Carpet and Floor — located at 204 W. New Hope Road — is among other flooring companies in Goldsboro, which offer a choice between carpet and hardwood for couples, children and pets. "Our lives are so busy, and that's so important, so when you go home you want to be able to go home to your haven," said Andrea Lawrence, who has owned Abbey Carpet and Floor since the late 1990s. "It's a place you want to relax and be able to relax." Relaxing at home is important, and picking out a specific flooring is too. A native of Goldsboro, Ms. Lawrence placed Brazilian auburn hard- wood flooring in her home 25 years ago. She described the hardwood as having nature inside her home, and she said the oak, maple, pine or hickory wood choices will deliver the feel of nature into a person's "haven." "If you can bring part of nature into your house, it's more relax- ing," she said. "And it gives you a sense of pur- pose." The color of the hard- wood plays an important role as well, Ms. Lawrence said. She said light flooring goes well with dark furniture and vice versa, and she said the color of the walls can run together with a matching floor. However, sunlight can turn that dark flooring into a light hardwood which may finally match the extremely dark walls and furniture. Ms. Lawrence said her auburn floor transformed into a light color over- time — leaving her with this year's most popular color of hardwood, gray. "The Lord has blessed me to be right in there with the fashion," she said. "So, that's the cool thing about it." Abbey Carpet and Floor also offers luxury vinyl, which Lawrence said is not as expensive as it sounds. She said the vinyl flooring comes in all price ranges. Popular brand names of hardwood flooring include US Floors and Karndean, Ms. Lawrence said. And though stains on hardwood flooring from a child or a pet can be vac- uumed and cleaned easi- er than carpet, Lawrence said men prefer a soft floor over a cold one — any day. "Women want low maintenance," she said. "Men want softness when they come off that bed, when their feet hit that floor they want soft- ness under their feet." Ms. Lawrence said rugs can be placed on a hardwood floor for soft- ness, but she encourages people to not cover up the "pretty hardwood floor." She also encourages wives to put soft rugs in the bathroom for men to squish their toes on. Carpet, however, does not offer low mainte- nance for women due to carpet's number one enemy — pets. Ms. Lawrence said 80 percent of people have pets in their homes, and she said more people make their homes for their pets rather than themselves. Welcome American Showcase. The carpet brand seals the bottom of the carpet with plastic to prevent spills and pet urine from leaking underneath the pad, which Ms. Lawrence refers to as the "life of the carpet." "It cannot go through and seep to the pad," she said. "The pad is a sponge. You can shampoo your carpet all day long, but you can't lift your carpet up and clean the pad and then put your carpet back down." Ms. Lawrence said the American Showcase car- pet normally runs $2.70 per foot, and can run up to $3.75 per foot. Though men love car- pet over hardwood floor- ing, women who do not want to see vacuum marks and footprints on their floor love their Berber carpet. Ms. Lawrence said women forget to vacuum Berber because it does not show any signs of foot traffic or dirt. But as anything does, Berber grows old and can tear if a cat's claws grabs a thread. "It uglies out before it wares out, and that is the truth," she said. "You just get tired of it after 25 years." However, the Seam Kraus brand of Berber carpet provides a zipper- lock feature which covers the bottom of the carpet and stops unraveling from occurring. The feature allows the thread to stay in place and not easily rip. No matter if a person has carpet or hardwood flooring, Ms. Lawrence continues to encourage people to make their home a haven. "Homes need to be where you can go home, and make your home with things that are you," she said. "Every- body's house is different." 6 — Spring, Home & Garden Thursday, March 16, 2017 919-734-1245 x 33 Lane Tree Golf Club 2317 Salem Church Road Book your tee times online at www.lanetree.com OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Stop by our grill before or after your game for a hearty sandwich, fresh salad or cold beer! 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News-Argus/BRANDON DAVIS Andrea Lawrence, right, is the owner of Abbey Carpet and Floor, located at 204 W. New Hope Road. She and her assistant Diane Leonard look at various car- pet samples to provide for customers. Should you choose carpet or hardwood flooring? It really depends on your lifestyle ■ Flooring can be low maintenance and provide relaxation. News-Argus/BRANDON DAVIS Abbey Carpet and Floor provides several name brands of hardwood flooring. News-Argus/BRANDON DAVIS Abbey Carpet and Floor offers American Showcase carpets for pet lovers. The back of the carpet is sealed with plastic to stop pet urine and spills from ruin- ing the carpet's pad.

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