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By PHYLLIS MOORE pmoore@newsargus.com There are many rea- sons to add a patio to your home, says Zach Darden, service manag- er at Carolina Family Pool and Patio in Goldsboro. But they probably boil down to two words — outdoor enjoyment. "Whether you have a pool or a hot tub or enjoy having friends over," he said. "A lot of people come in looking for a fire pit. "If you want to eat on your patio, obviously you want a table. It depends on how big your family or your party is. If it's more of a lounging area, put a couch on it." And of course, food being the great equaliz- er, there is another sta- ple item that always gets a nod, the grill. In addition to the tra- ditional charcoal grill, gas grills remain popu- lar. Newer to the field, Green Egg grills have become part of the mix. "They don't require a lot of maintenance. You close it up and leave it for hours at a time, unlike another type grill where you have to keep constant check," he said. "You can go be a host, and you don't have to worry about it." The Green Egg model come in a variety of sizes, from the mini size to take on a camp- ing trip to a very large size. And they aren't nec- essarily limited to use for steaks and burgers. "You can put in a deep dish pizza, a cake," Darden said. "Plus with organic charcoal, you can actu- ally cook your vegeta- bles on the charcoal." The smallest version starts at around $600, he said. The business features an assortment of patio and pool items — from kits for a circular fire pit to pool and grilling accessories. Installation of the patios, though, is done by Turf Master, owned by Chris Gurley. He has been in busi- ness since 1987, so he is very knowledgeable about the subject. From getting the grade right and making sure water is flowing away from the house to anticipating issues with weeds, the bottom line for most of his cus- tomers is one thing — low maintenance. People are busy, he says, and don't neces- sarily have time to work on the upkeep of a patio. So whether they choose clay or brick or porcelain-type tile, it all depends on the property and personal preference. The one material that he steers away from is concrete. "You could have a problem with it crack- ing," he said, adding his profession's rule of thumb, "If you don't want concrete to crack, leave it on the truck." The size of the patio also varies, depending on features that might be added. "A usable patio, you have to go somewhere around 15 feet deep or wide because you figure if you're going to put a table and chairs, most tables are 42 inches and you've got to take two feet for each chair. So basically across the length of it, you need about eight feet just for the table." Whether adding a dining table, chairs or even a coffee table, most of the patios that his company installs are somewhere between 18 and 24 feet, depend- ing on whether a fire pit might be added. "They might be 30 feet deep, 24 feet wide," he said. "It really depends on the situation and the land you've got to work with, the style of house, the back yard. "Most of them are put in the back yards. We do a lot of paved drive- ways, parking pads, entryways. It just depends on the yard." The cost for a patio can range anywhere from $6,000 up to $50,000. "It just depends on the size patio and the type you're going to put in," Gurley said. Some customers just want a flat surface basic area as a buffer before they hit the grassy back yard, while others can go more flamboyant and have an entire area for entertaining or relax- ing. "When you get into the bigger patio, the outdoor kitchen, I guess more of an outdoor liv- ing area, that's when you start getting into more money," he said, listing grills, other fur- nishings and amenities that can be added. Awnings and covers are another option that can be incorporated. These can be partial coverings on up to an almost enclosed area. "Outdoor lighting is a big thing now," he said. "You can incorporate it into the patio, to give you more of an ambiance setting out- side when you come home in the springtime. It's not too cool, not too hot. You can enjoy things." His business also does a lot of covered patios, he said. That means creating a ceiling area, although it doesn't necessarily have to be done with construction materials. A more natural atmosphere can be cre- ated through landscap- ing, at the same time providing shade. Whether it be a jas- mine or evergreen vine, covering a portion or all of the patio area, some prefer coverage when the summer heat kicks up, while others appreciate the option of being about to lay out in the sun and prefer Thursday, March 16, 2017 Spring, Home & Garden— 3 • Grapevines • Fruit Trees • Knock-out Roses • Dogwoods •Pine Straw • Brick Chips • Bulk Mulch • Decorative Flags • Blueberry Bushes • Wide Selection of Landscape Shrubs & Trees • Flowering Trees & Shrubs • Now selling Crush & Run Driveway Rock & River Rock 2360 Highway 70 West, Goldsboro 919.734.2371 Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm • Saturday 8am-1pm One Gallon Azaleas 5 for $ 20 PICKUP & DELIVERY AVAILABLE Daniel Casey, Owner • Kim Kendall, Manager 12DSL0317J© WE MAKE ALL THE PLANS. YOU MAKE ALL THE MEMORIES. 15DSP0317L© Planning the perfect vacation is easy when you put our expertise to work for you. We know all the ins and outs of finding you the best rates on flights, transportation and top-rated accommodations, so you don't encounter any unwelcome surprises along the way. ALL ABOUT TRAVEL 919-751-0464 • 401 North Spence Avenue Cobblestone Place, Goldsboro HOME AND GARDEN 2017 Photo submitted A paver area for a pool deck, complete with landscaping and furnishings, is just one example of a patio style. Photo submitted The installation of a fire pit kit and circular brick design along with a patio is shown. Photo submitted This patio features a circular brick design around the fire pit. Adding a patio area to your home adds to your enjoyment Photo submitted An example of landscaping and a patio area fea- turing a fire pit is shown. 'You can put in a deep dish pizza, a cake. Plus with organic charcoal, you can actually cook your vegetables on the charcoal.' ZACH DARDEN on some of the things you can add to a backyard patio to spruce it up. ■ Options range from a simple patio to one with cooking area or even a pool.

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