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Ball State University Epsilon Mu Chapter Spring 2017 THE IRIS THERE IS NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW TO GIVE BACK TO DTD Alumni, Your Support Is Critical to the Future of Our Fraternity A s I sit here writing this, it is the middle of February and, despite what Punxsutawney Phil prognosticated recently, spring is just around the corner. In fact, it is a bright, sunny, 60 degree day in Muncie. Hard to believe! Time passes so quickly, and speaking of the passage of time, it's even harder to believe that nearly six years have come and gone since we started working on our Campaign 50 project. The results of the feasibility study that our fundraising partner conducted, which indicated a very strong degree of support from our group, were presented to us on May 9, 2011. Terry Hunsucker '71 came up with the name of the campaign, in part because we expected that we would be able to hold the dedication of the new upgrade and addition at our 50-year anniversary celebration. While the 50th celebration was a great success attended by a large group of alumni spanning the entire 50 years, we are nowhere near being able to predict when this hoped-for Shelter dedication will occur. I know it will, I just don't know when. Several brothers, myself included, have spent a fair amount of time, energy, and resources on this project over these last six years. I must confess I am at a loss, and more than a little frustrated, to understand why more of you have yet to step up and fulfill the commitment we all made when we joined Delta Tau Delta in the first place over these past 50 years. One of the changes you would have seen, had you been able to attend the 50th celebration, was several new and upgraded fraternity houses and campus dorms. Something else you may have noticed is a change in the makeup of the roster of fraternities. Theta Xi, Delta Chi, Lambda Chi, Sig Tau, Sigma Pi, Sigma Nu, and Beta are all gone. I am sure there are various reasons why these groups are gone. I am just as sure that a lack of alumni support was a major contributing factor in the loss of all of them. While many have struggled to survive, Epsilon Mu continues to be one of the finest Greek organizations at Ball State University and we want that to continue for another 50 years. We all have good memories of what our Shelter meant to us, and for over nearly five decades it has played a fundamental role in the lives of hundreds of young men. However, it is now badly in need of major updating and is quickly becoming an obstacle to recruiting the best and brightest new members. Whether we like it or not, times have changed. Young men now coming to the university have housing options that many of us would never have dreamed of. Impressive sleeping and study rooms, including semi-private suites, along with updated dining facilities, social areas, and workout rooms, are the norm and expected. Frankly, we are way behind the times and have a lot of catching up to do. If not, the future for Epsilon Mu could be in doubt. I know there are more than just a few of you who could comfortably make a contribution toward this much needed project in the $25,000-$50,000 range or more, and several have. We still have tax deductibility available for more gifts in this range. I am also confident that nearly everyone else could comfortably make a contribution of $100 a month, as many have, which would be $6,000 spread out over five years. A $6,000 contribution is not insignificant. A very heartfelt thank-you to all of you who have already contributed. All of this brings me back to the unbelievably swift passage of time. Please don't let any more time slip away without becoming a part of this project like over 100 of our brothers already have. The longer this project is delayed, the more it will cost regardless of the final size. We are already nearly $1 million over the original projections of five years ago. I know there are lots of good causes, any number of places to spend our money and reasons to put this off, but we have reached the point where we truly need your help to make this happen. Be a part of it now by going to and click on the Donate Now button, or by visiting Fraternally, E. Brad Wagnon '68 Campaign Chairman | (765) 749-8556 f BSU Delts Alumni l @bsudelts n Find Us on the Web

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