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GA MMA GA MMA Rhover Generous Alumni — pG. 2 ContinuinG A leGACy — pG. 2 members strive for All-Around suCCess — pG. 3 sAve the dAte — pG. 4 s U N I V E R S I T Y O F O K L A H O M As A L A M B D A C H I A L P H A A L U M N I P U B L I C A T I O N Spring 2017 O ur mentor, friend, and brother, Don Sherman, ΓΡ 364, passed away last fall. Don's service to our fraternity at our Chapter level and nationally was astounding. Don served as Chapter adviser for eight years and was instrumental in establishing our alumni and housing boards, on which he served as president and treasurer for more than 30 years. Nationally, Don served on the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation board as treasurer, and was awarded the Order of Merit. Don spoke recently of his commitment. "I joined the Chapter as a pledge in my freshman year, one of 20 in the pledge class. The Chapter House held 40 men at the time and I moved into the house in 1954, which was the year that the new addition was built. I was fortunate in living in the new addition as a junior and senior. Afterward, I had the privilege of serving as the Chapter adviser for eight years and during one of those, the brothers received the Grand High Alpha award. I became the Chapter adviser because I loved Lambda Chi Alpha and have always found it to be rewarding to work with young people. Our Chapter members have always evolved around values with quality attracting quality." Thank you, Don, for your devotion and deciated service to the preservation of our Lambda Chi values and growth of our Chapter. Don requested, for his memorial, that brothers donate to his scholarship fund at the OU Foundation. Donations can be directed to The Lambda Chi Alpha Don Sherman Brotherhood Scholarship and mailed to The OU Foundation, 100 W. Timberdell Road, Norman, OK, 73019. In Z.A.X., Bob Canfield, ΓΡ 876 Sigma Phi President IN MEMORY OF DON SHERMAN, ΓΡ 364 New Scholarship Fund Established in His Honor Albert O. Higgins, ΓΡ 190 John A. Dinwiddie, ΓΡ 271 Don F. Wells, ΓΡ 347 Gordon A. Robertson, ΓΡ 421 James P. Wilson, ΓΡ 545 Tommy L. Sparks, ΓΡ 707 Wendell R. Graham, ΓΡ 755 Melvin P. Barker, ΓΡ 912 David F. Cole, ΓΡ 999 Raymond J. Foster, ΓΡ 1151 James T. Richardson, ΓΡ 1214 Jack Durrett III, ΓΡ 1282 Sean M. Kahler, ΓΡ 1337 Scott E. Cone, ΓΡ 1375 Kevin L. Krans, ΓΡ 1401 B. Paxton Gray, ΓΡ 1439 Daniel B. Dunlap, ΓΡ 1478 Michael S. Helbing, ΓΡ 1506 Patrick S. Byerly, ΓΡ 1553 Kyle E. Gavin, ΓΡ 1584 Ande A. Jarlsberg, ΓΡ 1600 Ronald S. Stone, ΓΡ 1606 Dr. Mark D. Shirley, ΓΡ 1622 Kyle C. Sparks, ΓΡ 1643 Jason Harman, ΓΡ 1652 Clayton R. Sargeant, ΓΡ 1660 Matthew C. Murray, ΓΡ 1670 James E. Stanley, ΓΡ 1674 Barrett K. Pollard, ΓΡ 1680 Ben Woodward, ΓΡ 1683 Bryan M. Magstadt, ΓΡ 1699 Jerry P. Craig, ΓΡ 1719 Lucky S. Ott, ΓΡ 1732 Robert S. Smith, ΓΡ 1739 Robert B. Davenport, ΓΡ 1792 Jacob A. Dewberry, ΓΡ 1794 Cory A. Hoffart, ΓΡ 1820 Jason S. Moreland, ΓΡ 1836 Einstein A.Millan, ΓΡ 1848 Michael A. Weatherholt, ΓΡ 1861 Leland K. Chinowth, ΓΡ 1864 Matt G. Cozort, ΓΡ 1893 Corey L. Watson, ΓΡ 1914 Jason T. Miller, ΓΡ 1925 Trey A. Lewis, ΓΡ 1933 Bryan S. Grittner, ΓΡ 1946 Adam M. Duncan, ΓΡ 1953 Matt R. Wittwer, ΓΡ 1963 Andrew S. Ingle, ΓΡ 1975 Brett D. Price, ΓΡ 1981 Robert C. Stephen, ΓΡ 1993 Robert G. Fisher, ΓΡ 2002 Ryan T. Watson, ΓΡ 2038 Jordan M. Stockton, ΓΡ 2048 Jon W. Tate, ΓΡ 2091 Matthew A. Tilley, ΓΡ 2114 Ross A. Johnson, ΓΡ 2115 William W. Tuohy Jr., ΓΡ 2124 Thomas E. Cooke, ΓΡ 2150 Jimmy T. Wynn, ΓΡ 2202 Brandon Crittendon, ΓΡ 2209 Danny J. Kaiser, ΓΡ 2241 Taylor Bullard, ΓΡ 2243 Brandon Coates, ΓΡ 2250 Hassan Essaili, ΓΡ 2252 Christian Bester, ΓΡ 2255 Devon Furber, ΓΡ 2257 Brandon Smith, ΓΡ 2259 Colin Crain, ΓΡ 2262 Paul Atakpo, ΓΡ 2264 Lee Woodside, ΓΡ 2267 Bijan Azimi, ΓΡ 2269 Daniel Terracina, ΓΡ 2272 Kyle Prince, ΓΡ 2274 Garrett Coates, ΓΡ 2279 Trevon Nix, ΓΡ 2281 Trever Thomas, ΓΡ 2283 Isaiah Pogue, ΓΡ 2285 RJ Cress, ΓΡ 2287 Matthew Honer, ΓΡ 2289 William Hixon, ΓΡ 2291 Andrew Travis, ΓΡ 2293 Edward C. Williams, ΓΡ 2337 Can You Help Us Find These Lost Brothers? P lease provide a current address or other information to help us add them to our mailing list. Updates can be sent to Gamma-Rho Zeta Alumni Association, P.O. Box 721891, Norman, OK 73070.

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