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Club Bulletin March 2017 11 www.theEDexpo.com you do with your gentlemen's club. It's entertainment, right? You're trying to give the customer the best experience possible, so you're adding an 'event' in addition to the entertainment you're already providing." Hand in glove Gagliardi says when he was starting out in this business, clients were commonly bars and restaurants because of the food and beverage aspect. Now, Nicolas points out how a lot of gentlemen's clubs have food as well, making them a desirable venue because of the entertainment value they offer between dancers and televised events. "It's a true perfect storm," Nicolas says. "You get the best of both worlds." Despite the upward trend in mixed martial arts viewing, Nicolas says boxing still draws the largest numbers for gentlemen's clubs. And a big-enough fight card will pull in even the casual viewer. Case in point, the Pacquiao versus Mayweather Jr., fight. Both fighters were seen by many past their primes and the fight had come agonizingly close to fruition for years before the actual fight happened. Nevertheless, when the two took the ring, it was the PPV numbers that hit hardest. The bout broke records for most PPV purchases and most PPV revenue. "It was really quite unbelievable," Gagliardi says. Standing apart from competitors Nicolas points to one thing when explaining what sets G&G Closed Circuit Events LLC from rival companies. "It comes down to customer service," he says, noting how a knowledgeable staff serves as the backbone of the company by educating and helping the customer, pitching promotional ideas and making sure the customer has what they need to be successful. "Obviously, we're a company and we want to make money, but it's also our goal to make sure our customers make money and that they're successful with these events," he says. For a gentlemen's club, success through PPV events means ensuring patrons don't watch and dip out after the conclusion of the event. Based on Gagliardi's experience, that just isn't the case. "Typically what we've seen over the last many years is it adds value," he says. "It's a culmination of having two forms of manly entertainment: women and combative sports. "We've been a supporter of this industry for the last several years, and we understand that it's a vital piece of business and appreciate all the gentlemen's clubs that purchase with us," Gagliardi adds. "It's truly a pleasure to be able to be involved in places that provide entertainment and are able to provide a fun atmosphere for people." G&G: A family affair G&G Closed Circuit Events LLC was formed in 2009 by Nicolas' brother, Matthew, and a partner of his. But it's the patriarch of the Gagliardi familly, Joseph, who is responsible for this viewing-rights empire and has more than 50 years of experience. "He's basically one of the creators of the marketplace and has been in the closed circuit business since back in the day when you had arenas that had projectors," Gagliardi says of his father, Joseph. He recalls how advantageous it is to have seen, firsthand, the negotiating that goes into acquiring distribution rights. Joseph took Nicolas to a negotiation in 1999 with Top Rank (a renown boxing promotion company that has promoted a bevy of world-class fighters, including Muhammed Ali, Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., among others) to see how a deal is put together. "I remember sitting there and going, 'Wow, there's a lot to this,'" Gagliardi recounts. "Under the tutelage of my father, I've come to understand this business in a way that I don't think many people could understand, all the ins and outs and nuances. "We have a storied history in this business," Gagliardi adds. "You can say my veins run thick with this business. It's something I'm very passionate about, whether it's combative sports or special events. It's something that encompasses our lives completely." For more information on G&G Closed Circuit Events LLC please call (888) 258-7115, email questions@ggccevents. com or visit ggccevents.com. "What we've seen over the last several years is that (the pay-per-view) adds value for the club guest. You're going to get guys that come into your place and stay longer because they'll be able to get dances and watch the ladies, but they're also going to have this event they can watch and be excited about. And typically, those guys spend more money so you're actually going to increase your revenue on that night — and it can be substantial." - Nicolas Gagliardi of G&G The staff of G&G

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