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President Cheri De Jong, ΣΚ President-Elect Marc Katz, ΑΕΠ Vice President Howard Pickett, ΣΝ Treasurer Kathryn Goddard, ΑΔΠ Secretary Bonnie Wunsch, ΑΕΦ Board Recruitment Chairmen Scott Wiley, ΔΣΦ Carmen Rene, ΑΧΩ Past Presidents Patrick Alderdice, ΔΧ Sarah Lindsay, ΔΔΔ Vicki Nixon, ΔΓ Cindy Stellhorn, ΚΑΘ Larry Wiese, KA Order Executive Director Kevin O'Neill, ΛΧΑ Director of Development Julie Burkhard, ΑΧΩ Dinner Co-Chairmen Val Lawlor, ΑΦ Betty Quick, ΓΦΒ Directors Bonnie Arthur, ΑΦ Natalie Averette, ΣΣΣ Brad Beacham, ΣΝ Andrea Bechtel, ΧΩ Kelly Bingel, ΧΩ Greg Buehner, ΠΚΦ Tom Carter, ΠΚΦ Laurie Connor, ΚΑΘ Dan Corah, ΠΚΑ Betsy Corridan, ΚΑΘ Tom Decker, ΔΣΦ Rob Derdiger, ΑΕΠ Jim Estes, KA Order Derek Flowers, ΣΑΕ Pris Gerde, ΚΚΓ Mike Greenberg, ΣΧ Alison Griffin, ΔΔΔ Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ ΣΤ ΥΦ Χ Ψ Ω the Fraternity and Sorority Preserving the Greek experience for 2 Fundraising for Political Action Committees— Exciting and Challenging T he FSPAC is committed to raising the funds needed to support members of Congress who are affiliated with fraternities and sororities and who support and advocate for issues of importance to the future of the fraternity and sorority experience. Fundraising is a primary focus for every FSPAC board member. As director of development, one responsibility I have is to work with FSPAC board members and to assist with their plans to cultivate and solicit current and potential donors. In collaboration with FSPAC board members, the director of development outlines plans for increased communication with current and potential donors, focused solicitation plans, and target goals for board members to reach. A tremendous amount of effort is used to tell the story; in other words, to educate potential donors on what the FSPAC is and how the contributions are used. A consistent message, shared many times and with a multitude of people, continues to be an effective way to overcome the challenges of fundraising for a political action committee. As the FSPAC continues to grow in number of donors and contributions, the potential impact that the FSPAC will have in Washington increases as well. The fundraising goal for the 2017-2018 cycle is $700,000. When you are asked to contribute again or increase your contribution, say yes. When you are asked to share this opportunity to contribute to the FSPAC, say yes. When fraternity brothers or sorority sisters ask, "Do you support the future of the fraternity and sorority experience," say, "Yes, and I do that through my contribution to the FSPAC!" Interfraternally, Julie Burkhard, ΑΧΩ Director of Development Why I Give "Donating to the Fraternity and Sorority PAC helps to support women and men in Congress who are members or friends to the fraternity and sorority movement. I give so that we can continue to support those who believe in the experience that thousands of college students have in our organizations." -Bill Dreyer, KA Order, Former Knight Commander "Sororities and fraternities are values-based organizations. They provide experiences that encourage leadership, scholarship, friendship, and service to community. The interfraternal organizations are working with the FSPAC to teach collegians and alumni the skills that will enable them to interact successfully with local, state, and national law makers and serve their government on many levels. We all want good government and who better to be involved than those who have a values-based background—members of sororities and fraternities. This is why I proudly support the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee." -Betty Quick, ΓΦΒ, Former NPC Chairman 2016-17 FSPAC Board

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