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Maranatha Matters winter 2017 I borrowed this title from a provocative article I read, "The Renewanation Review." The article related the very intentional path that agencies, organizations, and even countries that oppose God and America use in our school systems to turn our young people and our nation away from God. Did you know, in January 1963, Democrat congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr. read into the U.S. Congressional Record a list of communist goals for America? These goals included intents to discredit the family as an institution, promote homosexuality and social religion, and control schools and teacher organizations. Interestingly, the National Education Association adopted some resolutions in 2014 that aligned with these communist goals. So what is our response? I am going to quote Chuck Colson as cited in Battle Cry for a Generation: "I can't think of a more urgent need than enabling young people to understand their faith and preparing them to defend it against the onslaught of secular thought they encounter in their schools and in popular culture." This article recommends four specific actions we all should take. How are you doing? 1. Become a prayer warrior 2. Get equipped for battle by receiving Biblical training 3. Support Christian worldview education 4. Become a financial supporter of organizations engaged in the battle for our children's hearts and minds MCA is committed to Kingdom Education, which acknowledges God as our ultimate focus and aim in education. MCA supports the responsibility of parents to educate their children in partnership with the church and school. We are in a battle with the world's intent to remove God from our children's minds. Therefore, MCA is committed to ever-improving our ability to equip students for this battle. Mark Schultze Superintendent the renewanation review A Commitment to Kingdom Education I t was in Kansas that Anna Hoduski '12 began her 3,000-mile journey, which will ultimately take her across the country. Responding to God's call, Anna is running across the United States, bringing attention and calling for action in the pro-life movement. As she runs from town to town and state to state, speaking engagements at churches and schools allow Anna the opportunity to spread the call for Christians to truly engage in protecting the lives of children who could be lost to abortion. Anna's passion for the pro-life movement had early beginnings, starting in her fifth-grade classroom at Maranatha. "My teacher, Mrs. Steinbrink, had a passion for unborn children that showed in everything she did. She inspired our young class with the memorization of pro- life verses, arts and crafts that reflected the movement, and studying pro-life news. My passion began there and has never died out." She was molded in those early years by Christian influences and leadership, giving her a heart sensitive to the Lord and a willingness to pursue His plans for her life. "Maranatha had a huge influence on who I am today and I see immense value in a Christian education. It played a role in making me a strong Christian who delights in the love of the Lord and developed a worldview that I couldn't have gotten elsewhere. My education has helped me sort through what is wrong, and truly seek God with the right lens. Being surrounded by Christian friends and godly teachers was a great part of my life. Those friends are still an encouragement to me today in my walk with God." Also supporting Anna today is her team, including Nick Hoduski '13, Sarah-Marie Hoduski '06, and Megan Maier. As the year began, Anna was running in Utah. The rest of 2017 will see the continuation of her cross-country run alongside meetings and speaking to as many people as possible about the necessity of their involvement in the pro-life movement. "I hope that God will use this run across America to activate people on the local level about the importance of fighting for the lives of these children, right where they are," Anna said. To track Anna's progress and for more information, visit "My education has helped me sort through what is wrong, and truly seek God with the right lens." alumna runs Her race for the Unborn Anna Hoduski '12 runs with her brother, Nick Hoduski '13.

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