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31 industry The Wayne County Development Alliance (WCDA), a community organization focused on attracting new business investment in Wayne County through its marketing efforts, focuses primarily on drawing in industrial manufacturing and assembly and distribution companies. WCDA has been targeting various sectors such as the automotive, agriculture, advanced manufacturing and aerospace industries. From an economic development point of view, a single major business relocation or expansion can revitalize an economy by creating jobs, and growing the tax base. There are many organizations that contribute to a community's economic development marketing activities – state and local governments, chambers of commerce, utility companies, regional organizations, community development organizations, property developers, hospitals, universities and community colleges, hotels, and convention and tourist bureaus. The degree to which these organizations coordinate their activities around a common vision is a critical determinant of marketing success. WCDA helps coordinate messaging and creating a common picture that will attract new business, drawing on the excellent transportation, tax, labor cost, location, energy rates, land availability and cost of living that companies are looking for when relocating and expanding. Based on these factors results, Wayne County is well positioned to attract and address the needs of companies looking to relocate or expand, and WCDA works hard to ensure that company leaders are aware of all that Wayne County has to offer. In the middle of it all One of our biggest differentiators is our location. From land to sea, Wayne County offers the ability to reach 186 million consumers and 60% of the U.S. population within a 12 hour drive time. Additionally Wayne County is served by two rail companies which provide businesses with reliable rail service for the efficient transport of goods and materials. Private, in-county air transportation service is available at both the Wayne County Executive Jetport (5,500 feet of runway) and the Mount Olive Municipal Airport (5,255 feet of runway), while national, international and cargo air service is available at Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU), located approximately 90 minutes from Wayne County. RDU is serviced by all major airlines and offers passenger service to major cities and transportation hubs. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION MANUFACTURING STRENGTH From its beginnings as a major transportation intersection, connecting north, south, east, and west, Wayne County has always been home to a variety of businesses and products. Today, thousands of workers help produce food items ranging from pickles and bread to ham and turkey and manufacture goods for a number of industries from automotive to electronics. The North Carolina Global Transport Park, a 2,500 acre industrial/airport site located in neighboring Lenoir County (11,500 foot runway), offers access to multi-modal transportation: air, rail, road, and international seaports. Located approximately two hours east of Wayne County, the Port of Morehead City is one of the deepest ports on the East Coast, offering breakbulk and bulk cargo service just four miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The Port of Morehead City is the country's second largest importer of natural rubber and a leading exporter of phosphate. It offers a 177,000 square- foot warehouse for the storage of high-value commodities. Less than two hours from Wayne County, the Port of Wilmington, offers terminal facilities for container, bulk and breakbulk operations. Served by a 42 foot navigational channel, the port offers modern transit and warehouse facilities, post-Panamax containers cranes and support equipment, and the latest in cargo management technology. Wayne County's transportation network alone is a huge marketing asset. Promoting these assets is just one way the Wayne County Development Alliance is "Putting Wayne To Work". 2017 Windows of Wayne.indd 31 12/13/16 7:32 PM

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