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where from 30 to 50 people attended the events. But as marriage, children and challenging employ- ment positions entered the lives of young professionals, group attendance dwindled. "Over time you've got people who are getting promot- ed at work. They maybe taking on more responsibilities. They maybe starting families," King said. "So over time, the attendance kind of got a little lower." He said this process would soon prove to be beneficial for Wayne County and bridge the generation gap. "But as you started looking at the committees on the chamber across the county and the city, the members we had from this Young Professionals group, they start- ed going on to other committees." He said 75 to 80 percent of the Young Professionals members still live in Goldsboro. He said many of the Young Professionals members now own local businesses or serve as politicians. King is currently a member of the Military Affairs Committee, and he is co-chair and the DJ of the local Middle School STEM Fair. He said he enjoys seeing the smiles on students' faces when they hear sound effects coming from King's computer and sound system. As King speaks with middle school and high school students there is one thing he does not like to hear them say — "I'm leaving Goldsboro, and I'm never com- ing back," he said. Students leaving for college or taking an important job in another city is something King completely under- stands, but he wants them to at least think about the option of returning. "There are more job opportunities than what there was 10 years ago," he said. "Those opportunities are there. There's more things for them to do, and there's better opportunities for advancement." "If you're a rocket scientist, go to NASA. But it's good to be able to see people coming back." 46 St. Francis Episcopal Church G O L D S B O R O , N C Celebrating over 50 years of Christian caring at home, in the community and in the world. Everyone Is Welcome Here 919-735-9845 503 Forest Hill Drive Blessing of the Animals 66DCT0217J© Continued from page 45 Christian Yarbrough inspects the circuit boards in the tower of the computer he assembled at his home in Goldsboro. TALENT "We recognize the value of bringing people together," she said. "So, kind of break- ing down that wall of having a set group, where it's just you're singling out a certain age range." "We kind of wanted to break down that wall, and it's evolved to where it is." Tommy King, 38, does not consider himself "seasoned" by any means, but the vice president of Crown Screen- ing, located at 3415 E. Ash St., still works with the chamber to see young people make an impact on the city of Goldsboro. King joined Young Profes- sionals six months after the program's birth, and he par- ticipated in activities until its evolution one year ago. He was the DJ for the pro- gram's events such as Hal- loween socials, tacky Christ- mas sweater parties and trivia nights. King said any-

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