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43 Life doesn't end at 60. In fact, at the Peggy Seegars Sen- ior Center, it's just beginning. "This is not just sitting and rock- ing your life away," said center direc- tor Paula Edwards. "This place adds to the quality of your life. You can be exposed to things you've never been exposed to before. You can make new friends." Membership is earned, not awarded, she said. "It takes 60 years to earn being a member here." But the benefits are worth the wait. So says 65- year-old Eloise Briley. She's been going to the senior center since she hit the magic age. "I was retired, and I needed some place to go for activities to keep busy," she said. "I started out with just going to the center to meet people." That soon turned into more than a chance to socialize. First, she learned to crochet, Ms. Briley said. Next, she began adding to her skill set in other ways. "Then I got into making jewelry. All the ladies were very friendly toward me. They always shared sup- plies with me, and showed me what to do." After the classes, Ms. Briley added exercising to her activities at the senior center. "It helps with my arthritis," she said. Her doctor told Ms. Briley she had arthritis and needed to do something to strengthen her hands, shoulders and legs. The chair exercise was just what the doctor ordered. And with that added strength, she found some- thing else to help with her arthritis that she had always wanted to try –– line dancing. "When I was working, I would hear people say, Life gets better after Story by BECKY BARCLAY Photos by SETH COMBS and CASEY MOZINGO See LIFE, Page 44 6 O Eloise Briley participates in a exercise class at the Peggy Seegars Senior Center in which participants remain seated and follow along with an instructor. At the Peggy M. Seegars Senior Center, senior citizens learn that life after 60 is about more than daytime television and trips to the doctor's office.

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