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32 Mechanics take apart a KC-135 engine during an inspection on Wednesday, Jan. 18. Under the new I-Wing structure, active duty and reserve airmen work more closely together. I-WING A KC-135 with suspected landing gear issues is on jacks inside a hangar while a crew inspects and repairs it. Airmen prepare for an inspection inside a KC-135 on Wednesday, Jan. 18. Goldsboro to help the economy, Jenkins said. Wendy Lopedote with public affairs opera- tions for the 916th Air Refueling Wing said the current hangar is nearly 75,000 square feet, and the new one will be double that size to hold the massive airplane. Jenkins said the 156-foot-wide and 165- foot-long KC-46A will hold double the cargo with less fuel — with a fuel capacity of 212,299 pounds — than the KC-135. Jenkins said the new airplane will stand 52 feet high for airmen to walk under without kneeling. He said the rebuilding of the new hanger is projected to take one year, and he said the entire project will provide several opportuni- ties for young people in Goldsboro, Jenkins said. "My goal now is to get outside the wire and make sure these kids know there are oppor- tunities here," he said. "I have jobs that I can- not fill and someone outside the wire can fill it." Jenkins said he has met with Dr. Michael Dunsmore, superintendent of Wayne County Public Schools, and city council members to invite students on base to learn about possi- ble employment. "I just need them to know," he said. "I want those kids on base to see it, touch it, smell it." Mays and Lawhorn took the chance to learn about aircraft maintenance, and they are ready for the future of the integrated wing. "It's exciting," Lawhorn said. "I think it will be great to have something new here. I think a lot of people here wanted to see it and have something new come to us as reservists." Continued from 31

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