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A l p h A C h i Review P h i K a P Pa Ta u | a l P h a C h i C h a P T e r | S P r i n g 2 0 1 7 The G reetings! The housing corporation and board of governors of the Alpha Chi Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity are pleased to announce our new Alpha Chi Review alumni newsletter. Our hope is that this publication will strengthen our efforts to connect alumni of all decades. We plan to boost communicative efforts by providing chapter information and brother updates on a biannual basis. undergraduaTeS BaCK on FraTerniTy row Fall 2016 proved to be an eventful semester. The execution of a 3.5-year lease with the ATW House Corporation at Mississippi State allows for full use of their 115 Clyde Q. Sheely Circle facility located on fraternity row. This will provide a tremendous opportunity for the active chapter to expand the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity at Mississippi State University. SPeCial ThanKS We would like to give a special thanks to Dennis Daniels '90, Robin Fant '81, and Eric "The Hound" Jonas '85 for their fantastic job in facilitating the renovations and storage of our furniture during this period. We were able to acquire less than 2-year-old bed frames, dressers, desks, dining tables, and chairs from Tri Delta sorority during the expansion of their house. With Eric's resourcefulness, we were able to store the furniture for a small fee at a warehouse in Prairie, Mississippi, for eight months. We extend our highest gratitude to Dennis, Robin, and Eric, as well as Steve Porter '84, Stu Lee '88, and all the active members who were involved in the relocation of furniture to and from Prairie back to Starkville. helP needed To imProve alumni reCordS As spring 2017 takes stride, it is imperative that we continue to connect the decades of Alpha Chi alumni all the way back to our founding in 1938. The progress we have made is excellent, but we still have a little work to do to find our lost and missing brothers. If any brother has contact information on the Alpha Chi alumni listed on page 4, please contact me at barrytoney@ or (214) 926-3348. uPComing alPha Chi evenTS Be on the lookout for additional information concerning the upcoming alumni weekend listed on page 4. A crawfish boil will be held at the chapter house on the afternoon of April 29. We ask you to remember the Alpha Chi brotherhood bond that you developed at 304 South Jackson Street, 11 Page Avenue, or 104 Robert Louis Jones Circle as we work toward a better alumni organization and active chapter than ever before at Mississippi State University. Fraternally, Barry S. Toney '85 Vice President and Treasurer Alpha Chi House Corporation and Board of Governors New Alumni Relations program Kicks 2017 into high Gear Alumni encouraged to Get involved Phi Kappa Tau letters have officially been added to the chapter's new home on fraternity row. House Corporation acquired less than 2-year-old bed frames, dressers, desks, dining tables, and chairs from Tri Delta sorority for the chapter house. M any Phi Kappa Tau brothers enjoy the benefits of attending college near their hometowns, but for Bill Jones '60, beginning his freshman year at Mississippi State University made for a different kind of experience. Born and raised in Gallatin, Tennessee, Bill moved more than 300 miles to pursue a degree in seed technology—though he later changed to a business major—at MSU. During this period, Bill began researching various fraternities on campus. He was impressed with Alpha Chi's then president, Thomas "Tommy" Stennis '58, but it wasn't until going through recruitment, and befriending another Tennessee native, that Bill realized he could have a "home" away from home. Having brothers to spend time with throughout the school year was invaluable to Bill, especially since visiting Gallatin wasn't feasible other than on a few major holidays. Tommy became a close friend and mentor, as did Benjamin "Ben" Douglas '60. A BRoTheR fRoM GAllATiN Bill Jones '60 on learning Camaraderie and fellowship through OKT (Continued on page 2)

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