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began to arrange his own music and perform in concert halls in the northeast. +RZHYHUGHVSLWHVROGRXWYHQXHVDQG¿QDQFLDOVXFFHVV +D\HV¶UHSXWDWLRQZDVSUHYHQWHGIURPÀRXULVKLQJEHFDXVH of race relations in the United States. Looking for a way WREXLOGKLVVXFFHVVKHWUDYHOHGWR(XURSHLQ)RUWKH next three years he traveled from country to country and even received a summons from King George V to perform at Buckingham Palace in London. Once he received acclaim overseas, Hayes was more well received in the United States. But another of Molleson's favorite stories about Hayes occurred in Germany in 1924, 30 | Calhoun Magazine | January/February 2017

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