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Calhoun Magazine | January/February 2017 | 21 "Put your relationship and IDPLO\¿UVW´WKH\ERWKVDLG Gloria also shared an interesting theory that she thinks has worked for them. She recommended, "Keep a reasonably small bed so you have to be close and make physical contact every night. You can't be angry with one another while sleeping that close." Then she added, "It is a marvelous feeling to know regardless of your faults and shortcomings, you are the most important person to your spouse!" I paused and thought about my mother's statement for a few seconds. I think that sums up my parents' love affair beautifully. Dana Cooley-Keith is a writer and creative soul living in Northwest Georgia. Daughter, Kristy, poses with Kenneth Cooley in Switzerland a few years ago. Gloria and Kenneth Cooley say, "Put your relationship ¿UVW´7KH\¶YHEHHQPDUULHG since 1968.

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