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20 | Calhoun Magazine | January/February 2017 FKLOGKRRGLQÀXHQFHGWKHVH6KHVWDWHGWKDWLWLVKHUEHOLHI that issues of women's rights are so important to her because of seeing all of the struggles her mother and other women had. This has played a huge role in wanting women to have equal access to services, jobs, treatment, and equal pay. "I'm interested in women's rights because I'm a woman," she replied. She has been a long time advocate for victims of abuse as well. I asked my father what social issues are most important to him and not to my surprise he replied, "It depends on the times." Dad is an advocate for the environment and lover of WKHRXWGRRUV+HLVDORQJWLPHKXQWHUDQG¿VKHUPDQDQG believes that we should all do our part in caring for and maintaining the environment. "Our greatest triumph is raising three loving, caring, productive citizens," Gloria said. "None have ever been in trouble and each knows the value of giving to others and their communities, church, etc. We are extremely proud of all three, their spouses, and the wonderful grandchildren." Both Kenneth and Gloria still place a huge emphasis on family time. After moving to Gordon County in August of 2002, they quickly found a new welcoming home. "We love this community!" proclaimed Gloria. They both immediately got to know the community and began to invest in Gordon County. Kenneth had a family restaurant for a few years after moving to Calhoun, and Gloria was in radio sales for eighteen years and has volunteered with many community agencies allowing both of them to meet a lot of people and remain friends with many. (YHQWKRXJK.HQQHWKDQG*ORULDVKDUHDORYH of travel, at this point in their lives, they are enjoying retirement closer to home. Gloria stated that when serious health problems started in January of 2014, their love DQGFRPPLWPHQWWRHDFKRWKHUZDVUHDI¿UPHG1RZ the two of them can frequently be seen together around town many days shopping, eating out, chamber events, WKH*(07KHDWHU+DUULV$UWV&HQWHUHYHQWVRURWKHU community activities. When they aren't participating in community activities, they are probably at home enjoying each others' company. Both were hesitant to give relationship advice or secrets on how to make a relationship work for almost half a century. Gloria and Kenneth Cooley have enjoyed traveling from time to time.

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