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Moving forward as a young married couple presented some problems that were overcome by persistence and the GHWHUPLQDWLRQWRUHPDLQXQL¿HG7KH\HQFRXQWHUHG¿QDQFLDO struggles, as so many married young people do. Both being determined to work as much as needed and staying committed to one another allowed them to become more ¿QDQFLDOO\VWDEOH7KHQDQRWKHUFKDOOHQJHIDFHGWKH\RXQJ couple nineteen months after marrying - a difference in parenting styles. *ORULDKDGQRWFRQVLGHUHGEHIRUHKDYLQJKHU¿UVWFKLOG Kenny, that the way each parent had been raised would show so prominently in their parenting styles. My father was raised in what I consider a traditional 1950s American family with both mother and father at home and his father making the rules and being the enforcer of the rules. Very differently, my mother was not raised with a father and her mother was frequently absent due to work schedules as she tried to provide for her children. My mother was mostly raised by her six older sisters and at times raised herself. "I certainly never received a spanking from my sisters, and they never yelled at me either," Mom said. "I was gently and politely corrected." This comment made me chuckle considering it came from the youngest of eight children and knowing how much they adore Gloria. "After becoming a parent, I soon realized that I had adopted their [her sisters'] parenting style," she said. "It is important for parents to be united and consistent in rules, DQGFOHDUO\GH¿QHDFFHSWDEOHDQGXQDFFHSWDEOHEHKDYLRU and consequences. It gives the children stability." It was evident in their child rearing that providing stability and security was a primary goal. When asked how they came to common ground on parenting, once again my mother replied, "determination, persistence, and a willingness to support one another. We had to be one unit." As a family, we vacationed together, attended extracurricular activities together, ate meals together, did homework together, participated in community activities together, and that's just to name a few. We were encouraged as children to have our own opinions, and that these opinions were to be valued and that actions are a greater indicator of character than words. I do not recall a time in my life that volunteerism wasn't a part of our lives. Gloria volunteered at our elementary school for eleven years prior to going to her full-time job. One of the causes that she holds dear then and now is literacy. "No matter the skills or knowledge you have, if \RX¶UHXQDEOHWRUHDGZHOO\RXZLOOKDYHDGLI¿FXOWWLPH succeeding," she said. Her focus at the school was helping children learn to read, and she continues to advocate for literacy. Indeed, Gloria's favorite hobby is reading and quoted Maxine from the comic strip as saying, "Reading takes me places without the risk of losing luggage." $V*ORULDEHJDQWRUHÀHFWRQVRFLDOLVVXHVWKDWDUH PRVWLPSRUWDQWWRKHULWZDVQ¶WGLI¿FXOWWRVHHKRZKHU The young couple had different parenting styles. Calhoun Magazine | January/February 2017 | 19

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