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Calhoun Magazine | January/February 2017 | 11 "I tell them I will be back tomorrow." It's a small promise, but he keeps it. Another passage from Hemingway comes to mind— "Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is." Hays has been delivering meals around Gordon County long enough to have seen all four seasons along his route. He says he only planned to be ¿QDQFLDOO\VRXQGHQRXJKWRUHWLUHFRPIRUWDEO\+H never expected to be delivering meals, but he is very VDWLV¿HGZLWKWKLVQHZVHDVRQRIKLVOLIH:HSDVVD river bottom farm, and he points out the rich soil and imagines the great crops that will grow from it. I look RXWWKHZLQGRZDWWKHWLOOHGGLUWDQGVHHDELUGÀ\LQJDW the window alongside the van. "Keep your eyes open," he says. "You don't want to miss any of this." I'm taking it all in…and learning…how to soar on a wing and a prayer. Vickie McEntire is a writer and photographer who OLYHVLQ&DOKRXQ6KHMXVWSXEOLVKHGKHU¿UVWERRNIRU children, titled, Baby Birds. GORDON COUNTY SENIOR CENTER 150 Cambridge Court Calhoun, Georgia (706) 629-4144 Open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays. Contact Ann Bradford, Director for information. /HIW7RS5HQHH7LPPV&LW\'ULYHUIRU0HDOVRQ:KHHOV and Jim /HIW/RZHU-LP+D\V$QQ%UDGIRUG'LUHFWRURI*RUGRQ County Senior Center $ERYH-HUU\:DUUHQ3UHVLGHQWRI6LWH&RXQFLO'DYLG 'REDVK9ROXQWHHUDQG5HWLUHG86$LU)RUFHDQG+HQU\ Burks "Big Gun", Volunteer and Retired US Marine

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