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Club Bulletin January 2017 35 www.theEDexpo.com This leaves bars not knowing what their inventory consists of on a daily basis, and leaves them vulnerable to theft and running out-of-stock before the next reorder. Fortunately, Partender protects against this. By providing an easy-to-use app interface, in which a bar manager can slide his or her thumb across a virtual bottle to accurately measure bottle levels, Partender reduces the time it takes managers to inventory from 6-24 hours to just 15 mins, and makes bars virtually 100% accountable for their inventory. You can even use Partender to calculate your beverage cost and variance in just three minutes more using our templates. So bring your bar out of the 18th century and into the 21st. For more information, call (888) 787-4228 or visit app. partender.com. Wunder-Bar upping the standard Wunder-Bar's 14-product bargun, Reserve Rack and Skyflo all aim to increase profits Wunder-Bar set the standard for soft drink dispensing with the world's first 14 product carbonated and non-carbonated hydraulic post mix bar dispenser. This versatile bar gun can be configured for most combinations of carbonated and non-carbonated and even non-carbonated premixed products. Choose from a variety of post mix type dispensers from five to 14 different products. These dispenser are available with permanent, quick disconnect or flow-regulated type manifolds and in many different corporate franchise colors. These units are field convertible at any time from carbonated to non- carbonated and wine. The dispenser assemblies are precision machined. Precision machined diffusers provide better carbonation and minimal brix stratification. They also provide for softer, faster flow rate with minimal foaming. Separate valves for soda and flavors provide easy service. Finally, all Wunder-Bar postmix type flexhose dispensers include two water meter adjustment screws which allow 2:1 ratio products to be brixed independently from 4:1 or 5:1 ratios. No more sacrificing flow rates to obtain a 2:1 brix! Isn't it time you stopped losing money and started increasing profits? The Wunder-Bar Reserve Rack and Skyflo dispensing systems will increase profits and keep your bartenders happy by virtue of storing bottles inverted so they drain completely and keeping a closer and clear record of drinks poured by station, shift and even employee. • No waste because the Reserve Rack stores the bottles inverted so they drain completely • When you free pour, some product is lost when the bottle is thrown out. In an average bar pouring 40 cases a month, the loss could add up to over 1400 ounces a year! • Control over pours and free drinks, regulating when and how many a bartender can offer • More speed means more drinks served at peak hours • A clear record of drinks poured by station, shift and even employee • Accurate and consistent drink portion sizes, every time For more information, call (800) 722-6738 or visit wunderbar.com.

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