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FKQ CLONE PHI KAPPA THETA FRATERNITY n IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY n FALL 2016 President Matt Van Berkum '98 Vice President Paul Peterson '01 Treasurer Jon Hicks '02 Secretary Nate Kemmer '03 Property Manager Eric Van Gorp '01 Undergraduate Relations Chairman Adam Jacobi '14 Alumni Relations Chairman Clayton Short '14 Golf Outing Czars Nate Kemmer '03 Mark Arnold '11 A L U M N I C O R P O R A T E B O A R D Iowa Xi Headed in the Right Direction Alumni Asked to Step Up and Serve G reetings, Iowa Xi Brothers! I hope this update finds you and loved ones happy and healthy as we begin the holiday season. This fall, I had the opportunity to return to Ames for Homecoming. While the Clones fell short on the field, Iowa Xi hosted another fantastic tailgate at tent #23; special thanks to Nate Kemmer '01, Alex Davis '13, and Clayton Short '14 for organizing the day. House Parents Paul and Ann Gaffney did a fantastic job with a wonderful food and beverage spread. The fried brisket was amazing! The day started with a productive Alumni Corporate Board and undergraduate meeting. The main focal point was on academics. Faculty Advisor Jenny Gibbs provided an update on how the chapter is performing. To kick off the meeting, the 14 new members introduced themselves. It's extremely encouraging to see first- hand that all members have a voice and are becoming engaged early in their FKQ careers. I did my best to meet every undergraduate, but it's getting tougher with 50 total members—a good problem to have. I'd like to recognize Cory Krebs '88 and Jerry Carpenter '88 for their years of service. They were on the board when I was an undergraduate and have been part of the fuel keeping Iowa Xi going during our recent rough period. They spearheaded the apartment renovation, which has continued to serve as a financial lifeline. Thank you, Cory and Jerry, for being true examples of "Give, expecting nothing thereof." The chapter would not be where it is today without your dedication and strength. While comforting to have the opportunity to work with the same dedicated Corporate Board for the last five-plus years, it does feel like we really need to come up with a succession plan that provides quick relief to some brothers that have been at this a while. Why should they have all the fun? Property Manager Eric Van Gorp '01 has been on the board since graduating and provided countless contributions to the chapter. Vice President Paul Peterson '01, Treasurer Jon Hicks '02, and Secretary/ Golf Czar Nate Kemmer '03 have been serving for numerous years as well and have been absolutely instrumental in taking Iowa Xi to the next level. Our recent additions, Alumni Relations Chairman Clayton Short '14 and Undergraduate Relations Chairman Adam Jacobi '14, have both been a huge help, but we need more brothers willing to step up and serve. We have an active board and I realize it can seem a bit overwhelming to jump into one of the executive positions out of the gate. We meet remotely the first Monday of every month to address issues as a group, so you'll have time to lean on the advice of other members as you transition. This also means you don't have to reside in the Ames area. I was approached by one soon to be alumnus at Homecoming with interest in joining the board, which was very encouraging. I know it can seem like a lot to take on, but rest assured the chapter is extremely healthy and set up for success. We're focusing more on strategic decisions than fighting fires, which hasn't been the case for quite some time. It's a great time for the Iowa Xi family and Cyclone Nation! Come join us as we continue to thrive and shine on the corner of Lincoln and Beach. We respectfully request your help and suggestions to ensure we continue to represent YOU and Iowa State with pride! I hope to hear from and see you all soon! One last thing—I want to congratulate the Jon Hicks '01 family on their newest addition. Caroline Marjorie Hicks was born on October 3. Fraternally, Matt Van Berkum '97 Alumni Corporate Board President | (319) 360-9269 Website - • Facebook - ISUphikaps • Twitter - @ISUPhiKap If you are not receiving periodic e-mails from the alumni board with event updates, please e-mail Paul Peterson '01 at to be added to the list.

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