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FROM THE HISTORIAN ATTENTION: This newsletter is intended for alumni, undergraduates, and parents. If your son has graduated, please send us his permanent address to update our records. Thank you. Sighs of Psi Delta Kappa Epsilon House Corporation P.O. Box 1789 Tuscaloosa, AL 35403 Address Service Requested We also have in our Chapter archives a limited number of other old issues of Sighs of Psi, which we intend to also place on our website in the near future, though these are all of much more recent vintage than the 1942 "War Issue." If anyone has any such vintage issues, please scan and send them to the e-mail address below, or of course feel free to donate the originals to our archives. Lastly, while we have built a pretty good database of information on Psi Dekes who fought in the Civil War, we would like to further develop a full database on all Psi Dekes who have served in all of our nation's armed conflicts. If you served, or know of a Psi brother who did, we would like to hear from you. VINTAGE DKE PINS ACQUIRED For some time, we have been unsuccessfully trying to acquire vintage DKE pins belonging to distinguished former members of our chapter. That changed recently with the acquisition of the DKE pin of Brother Samuel Francis Hobbs, 1908, who represented Alabama in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1935-51. For a full discussion of Brother Hobbs and his pin, please see the Psi Chapter website,, under the "From the Historian" tab. In addition, as we went to press on this newsletter, we had the privilege of acquiring the DKE pin of Brother Zebulon M. P. Inge, 1939. This pin was a gift to the Chapter from Brother Inge's son, Tunstall Inge, of Mobile. We will have more on Brother Inge and his pin in the next Sighs of Psi. We hope that the acquisition of these pins will encourage others to honor departed Psi brethren by making their pins available for display at the DKE house. The DKE class of 1979, led by Brother Sam Adams '79, has generously offered, in honor of their several departed pledge brothers, to fund the construction and installation of a suitable memorabilia case at the house to house such pins and other items of historic value. Brother Adams has also offered to donate for display his personal, autographed copy of the three-volume biography of Mexican War hero and Confederate president Jefferson Davis, authored by Brother Hudson Strode, 1914. We're off to a good start... 1920 HAVANA DKE CONVENTION REDUX In the Winter 2016 issue of Sighs of Psi, this column focused on the 1920 DKE Convention in Havana, Cuba, which resulted from a trip made to Havana by your humble correspondent in December 2015. I had the opportunity to return to Havana this past June, and further investigated and photographed the sites associated with that legendary DKE gathering. However, since the powers-that-be have imposed strict limits on my ramblings herein, further discussion of this subject must await another day. In the Bonds, T. Semmes Favrot '82 New Orleans, La. Alumni Historian (Continued on page 7) Psi Dekes of the "Greatest Generation"

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