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Sighs of Psi 3 Robert Sparks Mountain Brook, Ala. Aubrey Stadther Mobile, Ala. Cutter Stimpson* Mobile, Ala. (Father Gordon Stimpson '88, Uncles Mitch Shackleford '74, Sandy Stimpson '74, Fred Stimpson '72, Richard Stimpson '81, Ben Stimpson '85, and Cousin Fredrick Stimpson '83) Aloysius Stuardi IV Mobile, Ala. John Taylor* Mountain Brook, Ala. (Brother Crosby Taylor '16) Richard Taylor Mobile, Ala. Hugh Thomas III* Mountain Brook, Ala. (Father Hugh Rowe Thomas Jr. '84) William Turner* Mountain Brook, Ala. (Grandfather David Turner '53, Brother David Turner '17, and Cousin Bobby Guthans '18) William Webb Mobile, Ala. Graham Williams* Mobile, Ala. (Father David Williams '83, Uncle Artie Williams '79, Cousins Edward D. Williams Jr. '84 and Edward D. Williams III '10) *Legacy; relatives in parentheses (Right) The Goats played an acoustic set before the Bama/Texas A&M game on October 22. From left: Hugh Thomas '20, Stephen Little '19, Jim Harmon '82, and Lee Hurley '82 (not pictured). (Left) New members participate in the Black Warrior philanthropic event. CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS (Left) Sidney Knight '18, Gunner Roach '18, Sam Grady '18, Ben Shearer '18, and Pat Abele '18 take part in the Psi Day Tea festivities. (Right) The new members bond at the Psi Day Tea event.

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