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Sighs of Psi PSI CHAPTER OF DELTA KAPPA EPSILON AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA t FALL 2016 INSIDE: Chapter Highlights • 1-3 Alumni News • 4-5 From the Historian • 6-8 CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS Alumni and undergraduates are all smiles at the Psi Day Tea. PSI CHAPTER TAKES THE SEMESTER BY STORM Undergraduates Committed to Excellence on Campus and in the Community G reetings, parents and alumni. Dr. Psi here with your fall 2016 installation of Sighs of Psi. With national championship number 16 fresh in the books, Nick Saban and his demolition crew look primed for yet another, which means for myself and the other 117 active members of this fraternity, it's a good time to be here at the Capstone. At the start of the semester, we were challenged by an alumnus at a Chapter meeting to simply "leave this house better than you found it" and, as evidenced by the accomplishments and leadership displayed by our actives so far this school year, we are well on our way to doing just that. By now, you are probably used to seeing familiar faces in the student section on Saturdays, as the camera pans over the crowd. Our block is front and center and this isn't by accident. With more than 91 percent of our members involved in at least one other SOURCE organization and an impressive 10 percent of our members holding elected or appointed positions in the Student Government Association, Delta Kappa Epsilon is one of the most represented fraternities on this campus. Members have also found leadership roles and service opportunities on other fronts as well, including Outback University, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Alabama, and the Black Warrior River Keeper project, just to name a few. With an average of 39 community service hours per active member, our Chapter ranked in the top percentile of fraternities. However, with so many service opportunities opening up almost every week, that average has the potential to drastically increase even more by this time next year. The Tuscaloosa heat and humidity have successfully made the walks to class pretty dreary, but it hasn't managed, however, to put a damper on our philanthropic events. So far this semester, we have enjoyed two philanthropic events. We participated in the B+ Cookout at SAE, benefitting young children fighting cancer, and an event called Brews for Baton Rouge, where our Chapter and several other fraternities and sororities raised thousands of dollars for Louisiana flood relief. Philanthropic events have always been a way for our Chapter to make a positive impact in and around our community, and this year has been no different. We're not just trying to leave the house better than we found it, we're also trying to leave our grades better than we found them as well. Our overall house GPA has steadily increased for the last three years, and this year we are on pace to do the same. With our freshman pledge class energetically hitting the books during their three-hour study halls each night and an active senior class with nine members in honor societies such as Order of Omega, which stresses leadership, scholarship, and involvement, the future of academics at the DKE house is in stable hands. I can't bring up the future of the house without mentioning our newest members. We welcomed Vivian Anderson, our new full-time housemother. She has done a great job since taking on this role and we are extremely lucky to have her. Also, after a very successful recruitment, we have a freshman pledge class of 49 guys who hail from all across the southeast. The upperclassmen, myself included, are very excited about the potential this class brings to the table and it has already been a privilege getting to know them. Freshmen parents, ask your son how he did on his first math 112 test, a typically failed class (hint: the lowest grade in the pledge class was an 86). Psi Day Tea and Homecoming weekend were both wildly successful, and it is always a good time having parents and alumni visit the house. If the second half of this semester is anything like the first half was, the guys at the Delta Kappa Epsilon house will be A-Okay, trust me. W.G. Best Regards, Dr. Psi Psi Dekes celebrate Oakland Raider weekend with a win over undefeated Texas A&M. Praise for Psi from DKE's Executive Director D KE's Psi Chapter is perennially one of our strongest chapters, across the board. In terms of chapter operations, recruitment, alumni relations, academics, involvement with the headquarters, and campus leadership, Psi is often cited by other chapters as best in class. They graciously hosted our International Convention this summer and the week was a great success. Their alumni are very involved in a positive way with the chapter, which helps guarantee the consistently excellent performance. Psi does a great job in electing top notch officers, and one thing I've noticed is that year-after-year, the presidents are always trying to improve the chapter from its already status as a highly performing one, to take it to a new level. Best wishes, Doug Lanpher Executive Director, DKE International

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