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July 18, 2012

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Page 4 (what happened to Jade) Jones is run- ning for County Supervisor. At first I thought "oh brother here we go again." After deep thought and contemplation I thought "what a great idea." Let's break down my reasons. #1: Outside of the property tax mon- Reasons to vote for Jones I read the other day that Jennifer THE PEOPLE'S VOICE ey home and business owners pay to the county (schools, fire, college) the Town of Quartzsite doesn't get much of that back, if any. This means Mrs. Jones would not have influence with the Town finances. #2: With an income of $60,000.00 plus and don't forget benefits (car, expenses, health care, sick leave, va- cation, etc.) she would not have to de- pend on her benefactor for the neces- sities of life. #3: The county created a paying po- sition for Holly Irwin's husband, I'm sure they would do the same thing for Mr. Jones and they can continue work- ing together. #4: Mrs. Jones would be so busy tak- ing care of the county business how could she find time to concern herself with our little Town of Quartzsite. I think these are great reasons to cast my vote for Mrs. Jones and the future of Quartzsite. Carolyn Guthrie LETTERS TO EDITOR POLICY taste, on a personal issue, mean spir- ited or dominated by Scripture quotes will not be published. Third party letters will not be accepted. To avoid confusion over people with lem, but search for the solution to share with the community, keeping the bene�it of all in mind. Letters considered libelous, in poor Desert Messenger encourages letters from its readers. Letters should be no longer than 300 words, and may be ed- ited for grammar, content and length. OPINIONS EXPRESSED HERE DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THOSE OF THE DESERT MESSENGER. We invite you to not only see a prob- common or similar names, writers must provide a full name and indicate the name they are known by. Writers must provide a full street address and phone number. Rvers can provide the location of park/BLM land, etc. Street addresses will not be published. Phone numbers are for veri�ication only and will not be printed. Mail letters to: Desert Messenger, P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 or E-mail to: 541-218-2560 way of communication between citi- zenry and council that is both brilliant and efficient. Those of us with sugges- tions, questions, and complaints can now pick up three separate forms to be filled out and submitted to Town Hall. I made full use of all three forms at New forms at Town Hall Town Council Meetings have a new ate my repulsion regarding the pres- ence of Pat Workman on our town council. Stop complaining to your neighbor or from our council ASAP! I used the "complaint" form to reiter- Sincerely this morning's town council meeting. I used the "suggestions" form to de- clare my appreciation for a period of silence in lieu of a pastor giving the invocation…not all of us are religious and the period of silence respects all walks of life. I used the "questions directed to coun- cil/staff" form to tell council member Pat Workman exactly what I think of her obvious agenda to hurt our town. She is capable of only two things…to vote NAY on most things and not vote at all if it doesn't happen to be what she has been directed to attack. I've never seen such a puppet in my life! Her bullying behavior is exactly like what I witnessed every single morning when I worked at Sweet Darlene's and she came banging on the door right along with Ed Foster, demanding that we let them in when it wasn't even time to open the restaurant yet. Pat Work- man needs to be removed (recalled) Just Rambling... It was fun going to the library, and using the dictionary to look things up. Now you just Google it. Don't help the brain much by the time you get through the ads. That's the cost of free stuff. I liked the slow lane. Oh well ! See you on Skype or somewhere else, maybe. Provided by Elmer London & Desert Messenger the guy on the bar stool next to you… Go get these three forms from Town Hall, then write down what's on your mind and actually make a difference instead of making more rumors. tary about Fred Rogers. The kind and gentle man who influenced so many children's manners in yesteryear. It makes us reflect about what is happen- ing in so many places around the coun- try. The behavior of young adults of the Rogers Neighborhood days seems to vary from place to place. We just spent six weeks in the Seattle area and did considerable shopping. Never did we hear, thank you or excuse me, ad- dressed to anyone. The feeling was an expression of, get out of my way. I'm coming through. Although we were shopping the shelf ahead of them. We had never been ao fearful of being run down by a shopping cart. Now on the other hand, in Lewiston, The honest truth Last week we watched a documen- Idaho and Redmond, Oregon we were treated with politeness, kindness and respect, the difference was most no- table. Even here in Quartzsite, a usu- ally polite and caring place we had an unusual experience when leaving cof- fee with cops. Coming down the steps from Town Hall Margaret tripped and almost fell, she was hanging onto the hand rail in an awkward position with me trying to support her till we could get her back on her feet. A Mr.Rogers era man, offered no help but pushed July 18, 2012 past us and hurried on to his car. She wasn't injured physically but her com- posure was ruffled some. Mr Rogers you really gave it a good try,I think though you should have been working on the parents. Elmer London Hygeia Halfmoon Quartzsite lock in our government today. That being said, we understand why many voters have decided to protest this by re-registering to vote as Independents or Non-Partisan. When talking to many I have discov- ered that some do not know they may ask for a ballot for the party of their choice and vote in the "Primary Elec- tion". In Arizona statewide elections there Independents can vote primary As we all know there is so much grid are five recognized parties (Republi- can, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, and Americans Elect). In La Paz County if your Registered as Independent or Non-Partisan you may ask for a Republican or Demo- cratic ballot and vote in the primary. Make A Difference! So Please vote in the Primary and all Elections - "YOU DO MAKE A DIF- FERENCE"! Candidate Dist. 3 Supervisor Hello Neighbors, I hope you were at the football field July 4th, if not you missed a great time. The weather was pleasant and the morning rain cleaned the air. It was wonderful to see many genera- tions interacting with one another, and to hear the laughter of the children. Due to the brutal heat we have lost neighbors, please, please look out for each other and yourself, drink lots of water, stay out of the sun and take care of your furry friends as well. SEE LETTERS PAGE 5 READER'S OASIS BOOKS 690 E. Main - Quartzsite (one block east of Family Dollar) 928-927-6551 Thank You for your effort!!! Best Regards, Blain Harold

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