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The Sunflower Page 2 Leadership Club ($5,000 and above) Patrick D. Bolen '58 K. Michael Berkley '61 Charles E. Heath '64 Eric A. Voth, M.D. '77 1834 Club ($2,500 to $4,999) Glenn E. McCann '38 J. Kenneth Higdon '48 Marshall L. Crowther '59 Cornerstone Club ($1,000 to $2,499) Norvell J. Osborn '52 William C. Salome III '52 Lorrimer Armstrong Jr. '55 Dr. John L. Reese '57 Richard C. Shaw, M.D. '57 Stuart S. Gunckel '58 Lynn H. Miller '59 Jerry M. Nossaman, D.D.S. '60 Paul J. Trouslot '60 Lawrence G. Wilson, M.D. '62 Ronald L. Mastin '63 Thomas A. Hamill '64 Hon. Donald W. Bostwick '65 Hon. David J. Waxse '67 Richard A. Hiebsch '71 Kyle E. Krull '81 Tom C. Stevens '87 Michael W. Lawrence '88 Michael W. Harris '92 Kurtis S. Rhoden '92 Brian R. Winter '92 Robb S. Berke '94 Jacob D. Wassenberg '97 Lung Huang '99 Michael E. Johnson, D.D.S. '01 1025 Club ($500 to $999) Mark L. Miller '70 Douglas C. Stark '78 Jeffrey A. Wheat '86 Blue & Gold Club ($150 to $499) James G. Mason '51 Edmond Q. Haggart '67 Halley E. Kampschroeder '67 David W. Ridgway '78 Scott M. Bales '80 Neal Wheat '94 Jeff Frank '03 Ryan W. Wasinger '05 Garrett M. Frankamp '12 Jayhawk Club ($25 to $149) Patrick Beller '63 Jeffrey P. Elias '67 LOYAL ALUMNI, WE THANK YOU O ur new house mom, Molly Mulloy, has a long list of noteworthy milestones over the years, including raising three sons and a daughter, working in the KU Office of University Governance for 18 years, and recently serving as the temporary housemother to Sigma Nu. But some might say those are less interesting than what happened when she was in eighth grade. She managed to find a private audience with an iconic personality: Elvis Presley. Meeting Elvis Presley Mom Molly met Elvis at his concert in Wichita at age 13 in 1956. Elvis was just becoming a major presence in the music industry. "Heartbreak Hotel" had been released in March and peaked at No. 1. Over a period of two weeks in May, he put on 15 shows in 13 days, with Wichita on the calendar. She and her friend went to the hotel where Elvis was staying. The two said they were there to take Elvis to dinner—they didn't think it would happen, but it did. They were allowed backstage at the show without tickets. Later, Elvis sent Molly blue suede shoes and an original autographed painting. "Then, after about two weeks, my friends and I decided we liked Pat Boone better so I threw all my Elvis stuff away," Molly says. And you are upset about your mom tossing your baseball card collection. Now with four children and four grandchildren, Molly's schedule resembles Elvis' some 60 years ago. All of this begs one question: why take this job? Becoming a Housemother "Last year, I was a substitute housemother at Sigma Nu because my friend was going through cancer treatment. She moved to her daughter's house and asked me if I would just fill in for her for a few months. My first reaction was I'd rather put pencils in my eyeballs than move into a fraternity house full of 18-year-old teenagers. But I thought I'd do it for her—I had a ball, it was really fun, and the men were on their best behavior. I discovered that being a house mom absolutely ties in with my work and life experiences. I know my role and have some ideas to positively contribute to the house. I totally support the chapter's goals as it rebuilds this year and I hope this year's collegiate DU experience will be the best ever," Molly says. Some changes will be simple. "I like tradition and so I want to be escorted into dinner every night like what happens at pretty much every other KU fraternity." Other things may need more time. "I like to have some order, some structure. I want members to know I'm there for them and can provide everything from bandages and cough syrup to etiquette lessons, but also advice if they want it. I will enjoy meeting the DUs this semester and working behind the scenes to help the house run smoothly." If you need to reach Mom Molly, she can be found in the newly restored living quarters in the northwest corner of the house or you can contact her at W e wish to thank all those who have supported the annual campaign and Kansas DU during this trying time. Alumni who have contributed thus far in 2016 are listed by graduation year under their lifetime giving levels. A complete list of lifetime annual giving can be found on the website at If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please send corrections to the Kansas Chapter of Delta Upsilon, P.O. Box 1611, Lawrence, KS 66044. Thank you, again, for giving back to the Chapter—it truly does make a difference! DU's Newest Housemother Kansas Chapter Enthusiastic to Have Mom Molly

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