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The The Tiger Sig Published by the Xi Xi ChaPter alumni assoCiation of sigma Chi fraternity COLUMBIA, MISSOURI SUMMER 2016 S cholarship, as a basic qualification for initiation, is not the neatly wrapped package it has been. There was a time when grades were known before consideration for initiation. No more. There was a time when high school performance was a firm indication of grades in college. Yes and no. There was a time when we feared that freshmen living out of the Chapter House would negatively affect grades. Not at all. The International Fraternity Council has mandated that pledgeship will last eight weeks and then on to initiation. The Chapter has some leeway in determining when pledgeship starts, but only hints of performance will exist when initiation rolls around. Chapter officers intend to evaluate the overall performance of each pledge, looking at grades at that time, but, if indications are that he is not ready for initiation due to general behavior or poor scholastic performance, initiation will be denied at that time. Although we give heavy consideration to grades achieved in high school when judging the worthiness of a potential pledge, we have learned that resumes that reflect a strong sense of time management—particularly in balancing sports with grades—are most indicative of future scholastic performance. There are also certain high schools, both in St. Louis and Kansas City, that, due to the regimen they demand, almost promise better achievement. Most mentioned are St. Louis University High and Rockhurst, respectively. Because the Chapter has maintained close supervision of study hours and more consistent looks at grade status, there has been no erosion of the pledge class GPA. There is no telling in regard to how pledges conduct themselves after study hours, but certainly freedom from late-night intruding actives is a plus in sending them to class the next morning with some degree of alertness. Since we initiated the out-of-Chapter House status for freshmen, they always have ranked in the top 10 on campus. Performance Drains the Bank As you probably recognize, our Xi Xi Chapter Scholarship Fund offers the highest level of financial support in the fraternity system nationally. Too much Chapter success is draining our reserves. This past semester, more than $40,000 in performance awards was given, even though we upped the qualifications. Although returns from our annual golf tournament are directed toward scholarships, we cannot maintain the current donation levels. It has been suggested that specific amounts of money be determined for various grade levels and that the monies then be divided among those in each level. Such a move can keep us solvent. It's sort of a nice problem to have. The Banner Is Back The university-awarded banner for scholastic achievement is back adorning the front of the Chapter House. As usual, grade variances are miniscule among Greek and all-campus men. Our GPA was 3.09 with the pledge class reaching a 3.15. This was still below the all- Greek average of 3.23 and slightly above the all- university GPA of 3.07. The all-university male average was 2.92. The Chapter is accommodating changing guidelines and conditions affecting scholarship while increasing overall performance. It's a solid trend. SCHOLARSHIP: Adapting to Changing Conditions A new display case graces the formal room. Thanks to the generosity of Duncan Matteson '56 and Tom Scott '58, the Chapter is now no longer out of space for award displays. Since the library area was brimming over with Chapter and alumni recognition, the southeast wall in the formal room was selected for the new and most handsome case. Now, we have to fill it. The scholastic banner is back. Jacky Murphy '17, Nick Jenness '17, Nathan Willett '18, and Johnny Galvin '18 proudly welcome good grade recognition's return to the front of the Chapter House.

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