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INSIDE: David L. Guyton, M.D. '65 Receives 2015 Significant Sig Award 2 Austin Powell '17 Elected Associated Student Body President 2 Sigma Chi Focuses on Leadership, Philanthropic Efforts 3 Standard Bearer The Summer 2016 Eta Chapter of Sigma Chi at the University of Mississippi W elcome to the reincarnation of The Standard Bearer as we reboot our connections with our alumni. This is the first step we are taking as we begin a relationship with Pennington & Company, which specializes in fundraising, consulting, and alumni relations. Despite the fact that the chapter has had its share of public challenges this year, we continue to see many good things come from Eta Chapter. Whether it is continued leadership in student government, recognition from Mississippi Blood Services for record donations at our blood drives, or recognition of our new member training series, the positives far outweigh the negatives. We take our reputation of the chapter very seriously and have worked hard to ensure it is on the right trajectory. We understand that our current situation is the result of poor choices and inappropriate speech at this past spring's Derby Days event. It is regrettable that out-of-line questions were asked to female participants. Contrary to what you may have read in the newspaper or heard in the media, there was not physical assault, but it was without question unbecoming of a Sigma Chi. Our current consul and pro-consul, Clay Wooley '17 and Max Lopez '17, have humbly stated—verbally and in print—our regret over this incident. Eta Chapter sincerely apologizes and takes responsibility for the tumult that has come our way. Yes, it was the actions of one member that caused this, but in the end, we should have done more to prevent it. That is on me, the chapter, and its members. Over the past weeks, the chapter leadership met with numerous members of the student body, campus organizations including the sororities involved, RASA, the NAACP, Greek life, and more. This was not only to apologize for these actions, but to strike a plan for the future that not only involves Sigma Chi and our actions but also works to "reset" Greek life at Ole Miss. After the university's initial investigation through the Title IX office followed by hearings through Student Conflict Resolution, we found our original penalties more punitive than restorative. To a degree, the penalties were in conflict with our need to learn and grow through this experience as well as help others as we lead this learning process. Due to this, we appealed our initial charges and penalties. We have recently completed this process and received a new recommendation from the appeals board, which the chapter has now accepted. We are making plans moving forward and learning from this event. The chapter will be on social probation through the 2016 fall semester and, beginning with the spring semester, will be able to have social events on a limited basis. We will also be allowed to participate in university and community philanthropic events throughout the year. We will work with the university's Title IX coordinator and violence prevention officer to facilitate a training focused on Title IX, sexual misconduct, and interpersonal violence and its impact on college campuses. This event will be offered to all organizations in the three Greek councils at Ole Miss. We will also be allowed to move ahead with a redesigned Derby Days event, so long as it is presented and approved by the end of January 2017. Finally, we are also moving ahead with 2016 recruitment. As part of our formal recruiting efforts, we will also present information relating to the Derby Days incident, what we have learned and how we have changed as result of the experience. Recruiting will also evolve further as the chapter has agreed that it is very important that we know our new members better. To assist with this, we will be seeking alumni recommendations on every potential new member who receives a bid to join Eta Chapter. We will be opening a new page on our website to collect recommendations at and will send out newsletter announcements about this as well. We ask that you continue to be supportive of us as we look to live into the title of this newsletter and truly be "The Standard Bearer of the South." We thank you for your support. Should you have any questions, you may reach us at In hoc, Jon Fisher '84 Now Is the Time to Reconnect! Eta Chapter Undergraduates and Alumni Work to Strengthen Chapter E arlier this year we sent the first mailing of our new program, an alumni records update request. Did you receive your copy? To help us better connect with our members, please fill out the form and drop back in the mail to us if you haven't done so yet. Don't have the form? We still want to hear about your good news! If you've recently married your dream girl, welcomed a baby, taken a new job, or just have something interesting to share, we would like to share your good news with your brothers! Please drop a line to let us know at We value your responses as they will help us build content for future issues of The Standard Bearer and deepen our database. We encourage you to stay connected with the chapter and your brothers and hope this program helps you in doing so! Brothers Reintroduce Alumni Communications Program Did You Get Our First Mailing?

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