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TEXAS ALPHA LAYS FOUNDATION FOR THE NEXT 100 YEARS We Need You to Help Increase Campaign Participation, Donate Today! A t 6 a.m. on March 25, the first of 35 cement trucks began emptying its contents into what would become the first floor of the new Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house at 2501 Nueces. In total, 350 cubic yards of concrete was poured, making it the largest single pour for the project. The concrete was then covered and allowed to cure for one entire week so that it would have the strength necessary to serve as a foundation floor. So now our foundation has been set and it is strong; upon it we will build the best fraternity house in the country. During the foundation pour, we embedded a large brass Phi Psi crest that was designed and built in California and shipped to Austin the week prior (see page 6). The brass crest will greet guests and brothers in the new entryway of the house. One has to imagine only the polished brass showing against a dark stained concrete floor (also disregard chalk lines used to center it); it will make for a truly stunning entryway. Additionally, our Greek letters were placed in the concrete entry cove floor just outside of what will be the front door. To me, our letters and crest forever embedded in our cement foundation floor represent the permanence of our new home for the next 100 years. The inlaid letters and crest are just the beginning of many impressive customized features of the new house. I have had the benefit of seeing the sconces, chandeliers, the rendering of the new fireplace mantel, the beautiful stained glass and many other features. I will assure you that when you enter our new house, you will be impressed and very proud to be a brother of Texas Alpha, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. The house will begin to really take shape over the next few months. Be sure and check the construction camera found at to watch progress in real time. The I-beams are now going up. If you don't have a feel about how truly large this new house will be by looking at the new foundation, then you will surely begin to understand its greatness when its outline appears via the I-beams. During this time, our new house will begin to transition from architectural concept into reality; it will be a truly fulfilling time for all of us who have come together as fraternity brothers to move this incredible project forward. If you have not made a pledge toward this amazing new house, please, please consider joining your brothers who have committed. So far, we have raised $6,854,179 toward our $8 million fundraising goal. If we are going to complete our project on time, on budget and without leaving a substantial burden of debt upon our active membership, then we need the support of every Texas Alpha brother. So far, 222 brothers (or 16%) out of 1,362 active alumni have given to the Texas Alpha to the Top campaign. This means that more than 1,100 brothers have not made a contribution to this project! With the average Greek campaign participation being 25%, I know we can do better. Use the enclosed pledge form or go online to to make your gift today. One thing that I learned as an undergraduate Phi Psi is that no matter how daunting the task, if all of us work together, then the burden is shouldered by many and the victory is sweeter for all of us! In the bond, Kelly E. Fish '77 Campaign Chairman/President Texas Alpha House Board, Inc. (901) 289-5492 or Your Tax-Deductible Gi Can Be Made Onlineā€” Spring 2016 Texas Alpha to the Top The embedded brass crest can be seen where the entryway will be. A 40-ton crane is being used to hoist the I-beams.

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