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A New Chapter in Michigan Gamma's Legacy R e a l i z i n g t h e B i l l F i s c u s Vi s i o n Michigan Gamma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon • Michigan State University • Spring 2016 Gis to Michigan Gamma are 100% tax deductible. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE AT MICHIGAN GAMMA? Campaign Surpasses $650,000 Raised A New Chapter in Michigan Gamma's Legacy, Realizing the Bill Fiscus Vision campaign has made excellent strides over the last few months. We are pleased to share that we have raised more than $650,000 toward our campaign goal of $1 million. From our dedicated undergraduates making a commitment to our class leaders engaging in a grassroots effort to encourage broad-based support from brothers of their eras, we are forever grateful to each and every one of you. The success of SAE is that our alumni do not see their experience as leaving a legacy, but instead living a legacy; right now, today. It also seems that today's active members have grasped the idea that although these short years at Michigan State are fleeting, each semester, each week, each day is an opportunity to better each other, better themselves, better the chapter, better the campus, and beyond. Today, this campaign gives all of our Michigan Gamma brothers the opportunity to make a lasting impact on our brotherhood and choose the legacy they want to live. We know that many of you plan on giving but for one reason or another have held off. Brothers, the time to act is now. Thanks to the generous early support from some of our brothers we are able to begin construction this spring. However we need participation from all alumni to ensure the project is completed. Construction will end by August 19, before the undergraduates move back into the chapter house, and we will host our house dedication on Homecoming, October 14-15. We look forward to sharing photos and updates with loyal alumni to keep every Michigan Gamma brother across the country informed and up-to-date. Every brother received a lot from his membership. The chapter house wasn't just a building that you went to between classes, it was a home and it was a family. Keep that tradition going by making a pledge to our campaign today. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is certainly blessed to have the support of so many devoted brothers. To date, 111 individuals, just over 10% of our active alumni, have made gifts and pledges of $658,696. While this certainly is a great number by itself, we have to believe we can do much better given that we have more than 1,023 living actives and alumni. We are asking every brother to make a pledge or contribution, no matter the size. You can spread your gift of $500, $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000 over five years, making it a manageable annual or monthly payment. We understand that there are many worthy causes deserving of your attention. However, the need at Michigan Gamma Chapter is immediate, so we are asking for a once-in-a-generation donation. Do not forget, gifts to Michigan Gamma are 100% tax deductible. We kindly ask each and every brother to do what he can for the chapter now and make a meaningful gift, in its hour of greatest need. If you have not pledged your support, please take a moment and ask yourself, what would my life be like if I never pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon? As SAE men, we know our obligation. Now is the time we write a new page in Michigan Gamma Chapter's rich history, together. Thank you for your consideration. Phi Alpha, Greg Somers '98 Michigan Gamma Alumni Association President (773) 590-1056 | Bob "Buck" Liech '61 (248) 851-0510 | Bill A. Mitchell '60 (508) 327-6639 |

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