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T h e D e l T a C h i e D u C a T i o n a l F o u n D a T i o n The KnighT erranT Spring 2016 2 015 was one of the Foundation's best years yet. What a great way to celebrate Delta Chi's 125th anniversary. Thanks to loyal and generous donors, we received a record of almost 2,100 donations, amounting to nearly $1.2 million in support of the Fraternity's educational programs. This includes nearly $80,000 in gifts and pledges for the "A"s' Academy. ANNUAL GRANTS SEE $100,000 INCREASE The Foundation increased its annual grant total from just over a quarter million dollars in 2014 to more than $380,000 last year. Nearly 250 undergraduates received individual academic or educational programming scholarships. In some cases, every member of a chapter was positively affected as we were able to support the educational portions of their chapter houses. THE NEED HAS NEVER BEEN GREATER Delta Chi continues to grow, with undergraduate membership up significantly in the past decade. Our average chapter size is larger than it's ever been, and we're present on more than 125 campuses across North America. Those brothers need your support more than ever. Fortunately, the Fraternity presents us with ample opportunities to give back. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING GROWS Delta Chi's strategic plan resulted in a number of new educational programming areas that will be introduced this year. These range from programs targeting new members through ongoing educational programs at the "A"s' Academy, Regional Leadership Conferences and Convention, and a new online education portal named Martlet. WHERE DOES YOUR CONTRIBUTION GO? You can support these programs through donations to the "A"s' Academy and Galbreth Leadership accounts. Of course, unrestricted gifts to the Foundation's general fund always get used wherever there is the most need. This past year, the Foundation introduced the Delta Chi Endowment Account. Several donors have indicated they want their gifts to be available for future needs. Donations to this account will never be directly used. Instead, donations are invested with the ongoing earned interest used to support Delta Chi. As we've watched our donor base grow, approximately two-thirds of our contributors give $100 or less. Those gifts add up and absolutely do make a difference. So please don't think that if you're unable to make a large donation your gift doesn't matter. All gifts help strengthen Delta Chi. Applications for our annual scholarships, including those for academics, leadership, needs-based, and graduate students will be available this spring. These include the Washburn, Borelli, Graduate Student, Meyers, and UIFI scholarships, which will be presented at this summer's Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Thank you for your support. Please consider giving to one of these great programs today. And I look forward to seeing you this summer in Louisville. Fraternally, Jim Marascio, Bryant '93 Chairman of the Board of Directors The Delta Chi Education Foundation YOUR SUPPORT HELPS DELTA CHI GROW STRONGER Record Number of Donations Received in 2015 Support Delta Chi & Help Develop Brothers Make a gift today online at by choosing "Make a Gift Today" or use the enclosed envelope. 8 DeltaChiEducationalFoundation f Your Donations in Action Foundation 2015 Annual Report At-a-Glance Total Raised - $1,182,500 Number of Donations - 2,103 Number of Donors - 1,051 1890 Society Undergraduate Members - 281 Alumni Sponsors - 18 Total Raised - $9,910 Scholarships and Grants "A"s' Academy - $24,725 Scholarships and Grants to Students - $29,789 Chapter Housing Grants - $325,400 Undergraduates Benefiting from Scholarships and Grants - 540

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