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THE TIGER SIG Page 2 Winter 2016 A new term will now become common in Xi Xi jargon: house parents. For the first time in our lengthy history, a married couple will hold sway at 500 College. The groom, Doug Lane, has lived and worked with the Chapter for the past year. Sally, on the other hand, has visited the Chapter House several times, has seen the confinement of the living quarters, and yet still is game to make it her home after the wedding. There is one caveat: a grand piano comes with her. However, it will not be housed in their quarters. For us ancient Sigs who remember when a piano was a fixture in the formal room, this is more than a drop of nostalgia. Interestingly, it is also welcome by the Chapter since several members are piano proficient and relish the chance to play. Sally, a nurse supervisor in the St. Louis area, will pursue similar employment in mid- Missouri. Doug, who heads the security company, Signal 88, will retain his position. Doug's background in the Marines and policing work places him in good stead for supervising the deportment of the Chapter. Doug and Sally will be married at the Chapter House on May 29. According to Doug, Sally has compiled a handsome guest list, and he hopes he will be represented by Chapter members and alumni. The event will be catered. Besides offering a woman's touch in terms of personal rapport with members, Doug indicates that Sally is a person of great energy and usually only needs three to four hours of sleep. It seems she is ready-made for some nights at Sigma Chi. Doug, Sally, and a Grand Piano Sigma Chi Welcomes House Parents XI XI CHAPTER FORMS ALUMNI ADVISORY BOARD I n December, the Xi Xi Chapter organized a new Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) to provide mentorship to Chapter officers. Brother Jay Shields '76 championed the revitalization and organization of the AAB after seeing the need for more activity-based mentorship for the undergraduate officers. The AAB is separate from the House Corporation, as the House Corporation is the landlord of the Chapter House. The AAB advises the officers on Chapter operations. The House Corporation does not handle behavioral issues, which is the job of the Chapter advisor and the AAB. The Grand Praetor appoints AAB members for a two-year term, with the Chapter advisor serving as chairman. Members are expected to communicate with their assigned Chapter officers either weekly or monthly, as determined jointly by the alumni mentor and the Chapter officer, to advise them on running Chapter operations. They are expected to attend at least three meetings and one Chapter meeting per year. The greatest challenges we are facing are educating and motivating members to pursue the fundamental mission of Sigma Chi. AAB members must have a firm understanding of this basic strategic mission to effectively guide and advise the Chapter: t Core values: friendship, justice, and learning t Vision: to be the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization— aligned, focused, and living our core values t Mission: to develop character-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus, and community In hoc, Harry Pettey '12

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